Rumblin', Bumblin', Stumblin' – Fantasy Football Player Value Adjustments – Week 9

In this new weekly FFGeekBlog feature, I take a look at the players whose values are on the move. Chris Berman will help guide you as to what the three categories below actually mean. When Chris Berman’s your guide, the world is your oyster… that’s my motto.


Drew Brees/Marques Colston/David Patten, NO: San Fran’s passing D isn’t terrible (15th in passing yards allowed per game), but they looked that way against the Saints.

Chris Chambers, WR, SD: Scoring in your first game with a new team, especially one in which the QB only threw seven times, is a pretty good sign of things to come.

Jesse Chatman, RB, MIA: He didn’t score, but his 79 rushing yards came on 16 carries (4.9 ypc), and he also caught three passes for 21 yards, giving him a tidy 100-yard game in a sloppy, rainy contest that didn’t feature a whole lot of offense. With Cleo Lemon® behind center, the Dolphins are going to lean heavily on Chatman and count on him to pick up where Ronnie Brown left off. He appears to be up to the challenge.

Kevin Jones, RB, DET: Jones looked healthy and played great. You have to wonder, if he can stay healthy, might he wind up being a top-5 fantasy RB for the rest of the season? With Tatum Bell pretty much completely out of the picture at this point, and the Lions playing surprisingly well, the sky seems to be the limit for Jones.

Greg Olsen, TE, CHI: He’s scored twice in the past four games, and consistently has 4-6 receptions for around 50-60 yards. He had the Bears’ only touchdown last week, and figures to be one of Griese’s top end-zone targets for the rest of the season.

Tony Scheffler, TE, DEN: He’s scored in each of the past two games, and is now basically the poor man’s Greg Olsen.

Reggie Wayne, WR, IND: Hard to say what kind of day he’ll have against the Pats next week, but he’s clearly ready to fill Marvin’s shoes as Peyton’s go-to guy.

Brian Westbrook, RB, PHI: Now that he’s got a couple of healthy weeks under his belt, his owners can start to breathe a little easier. The two touchdowns he scored on Sunday don’t hurt either.


Frank Gore, RB, SF: Gore’s owners have to be praying that he recovers from re-injuring his ankle in time to take on the sweet schedule he’s got coming up – aside from Minnesota in week 14, he doesn’t face a single tough rush-stopping defense for the rest of the season, and he’s got matchups against the likes of St. Louis (25th against the rush), Cincinnati (28th), and Tampa Bay (22nd).

Santonio Holmes, WR, PIT: It’s nice to see the six catches for 87 yards, but when he’s healthy, Hines Ward is still Roethlisberger’s #1 option in the end zone.

Steven Jackson, RB, STL: Oy, vey. It’s one thing after another for Jackson, who’s now suffering from a "bulging disc." At least he looked good when he was in. He should be OK after the bye week, but the combination of his injury troubles and the Rams’ general suckage are a real letdown for the universal #2 pick in the 2007 fantasy draft.

Calvin Johnson, WR, DET: When you draft a rookie wide receiver, you’re not supposed to have to worry about whether they’ll stay healthy. Your main concern is supposed to be whether the coaches will let them play enough to rack up some decent fantasy stats. The opposite seems to be the case for CJ – when he’s healthy, he’s a starter. It just seems like he isn’t healthy all that often. Next week’s matchup with Denver’s top-notch secondary means it might be a couple of weeks before he gets a shot at a truly big performance.

Peyton Manning, QB, IND: That’s right, I went there. Peyton Manning, for the crime of being only the fourth-best fantasy quarterback, behind Tony Romo, DEREK ANDERSON, and not even in the same ballpark as Tom Brady, you’re officially On Notice (my apologies to Steven Colbert). And you know why? Because in most leagues, someone spent a first-round pick on you. It’s time you lived up to that. Only two touchdowns against Carolina? You should be ashamed.

Donte Stallworth, WR, NE: Stallworth’s 44 yards amidst a 52-7 blowout were a not-too-subtle reminder that the Patriots can throw him the ball, but they don’t need to. If you need a sure thing at WR, Stallworth’s never going to be your man – but on any given week, he might do something similar to his 136-yard-and-a-TD performance in week 6.


Chris Benson, RB, CHI: Benson only got 13 carries, and he turned them into 50 yards, which I suppose isn’t a terrible YPC average. Hooray? The only silver lining here is that Griese’s four INTs might persuade Lovie Smith to run the ball more. But all in all, Benson’s in the running for the biggest fantasy disappointment of 2007.

Jason Campbell, QB, WAS: He’s only had one decent fantasy game all season, and couldn’t even throw a touchdown pass against lowly Miami early in the season. His four-turnover day against New England might have been forgivable against the backdrop of an otherwise-nice season, but it’s really just the exclamation point on an ugly year.

Brian Griese, QB, CHI: Just when he was starting to establish himself as the clear favorite over Grossman, Griese went and dropped a turd on his team’s chances of climbing back atop the NFC North. Maybe what the Bears need to do is stop choosing quarterbacks based on who has the most disgusting-sounding last name.

LaMont Jordan, RB, OAK: 16 yards on 12 carries? I know Tennessee’s defense is solid, but now he’s flirting with fractional yards per carry.

Steve Smith, WR, CAR: If you haven’t figured this out already, it’s time to do your damnedest to trade Steve Smith to the dumbest manager in your league. There’s far too much uncertainty at the QB position in Carolina.