Trent Green's concussion looked bad, but…

I’m not sure if you were able to see video of Trent Green’s concussion-causing hit this weekend, but in case you didn’t, you can see it right here:

When I first heard about Green’s injury, I was watching the video on the highlight show, and the first thing I noticed was not Green getting leveled on the ground, but the huge guy flipping over him. Watch that video and tell me that you don’t completely ignore Trent Green as soon as you see the other guy, Travis Johnson, flying through the air (with the greatest of ease?)

On NBC’s Sunday Night Football half time show, Keith Olbermann pronounced Johnson this week’s “Worst person in the NFL”, after he went over to Green and taunted him after the hit (even though Green was unconscious at this point). While I can’t commend Johnson for his move, it was a heat of the moment thing and he didn’t know Green was so badly hurt. The whole idea of the worst person in the NFL is pretty odd anyhow, but maybe that’s just me. There’s a lot of bad things done by NFL players each week (and probably each day), but calling someone the “worst person” on a nationally broadcast show is a little strange. We can do it here at if we wish though, as to this point we’re not on a national television show.

Update: Here’s a video showing the entire play and the part with Johnson taunting Green.