Waiver-Wire Pickups, Keeper Sleepers and Spot Starts: Week 7

It’s getting to the point in the season where it is becoming more and more difficult to find a good player on waivers. At this point you’re most likely looking to find replacements for bye weeks and injuries that your players may have suffered, and even that can prove to be a daunting task for fantasy managers. If you’re basing the long term success on the following players, you’re most likely in big trouble. However, they could fill in for a week or two to keep your team afloat until your players return from bye weeks and injuries.


BYE: Carolina, Cleveland, Green Bay, San Diego


Jay Cutler (DEN): In one quarterback leagues, it’s possible that Cutler was cut from a team after posting unspectacular stats for most of the season to this point. However, this week it looks like he will be reunited with Javon Walker, so the passing game could improve a bit. Brandon Marshall seems to play better as the second receiver as well, so I’m expecting Cutler to rebound from his slow start, even if he is going against Pittsburgh this week.

Marc Bulger (STL): Did one of your fantasy managers hastily cast Bulger to the free agent market after he took a seat with to nurse his ribs back to health (I did)? Well, he says that he’s starting this week and he could potentially provide some emotion to a team that is searching for anything at this point. He could get lit up and re-injured as well though, so play him at your own risk at this point.

David Garrard (JAX): Garrard could make for a fairly safe spot start at this point in the season as he’s thrown 0 INT so far. He’s averaging about 200 yards passing and a touchdown a game (along with about 20 yards rushing), so he’s a pretty safe play that will most likely not get you the negative points you may have gotten from the Gus Frerotte’s of the world these days.

Running Backs

Michael Bennett (TB): ALERT! The Buc’s have just traded with the Chiefs to get Michael Bennett. This immediately puts him on the fantasy radar (and most likely removes him from the waiver wire this week), as he’ll most likely be the starter in Tampa Bay within a week or so. If you’re pressed for running backs, take a chance on Bennett and hope that he can come through on his new team.

Najeh Davenport (PIT): The Broncos haven’t been able to stop anyone on the ground this season (link should point to NFL team defensive stats against the run in case it doesn’t work), so I expect plenty of action for Willie Parker and the new touchdown vulture Najeh Davenport. If you’re looking for a spot start at running back, you could do worse than Davenport.

Kevin Faulk (NE): You might pick up Faulk, but he’ll ONLY be of any value if Sammy Morris and/or Laurence Maroney aren’t at full health this weekend. The Patriots should go up early on the Dolphins and expect them to run a lot against a porous defense.

Jerious Norwood (ATL): Last nights stats: Warrick Dunn – 8 carries for 15 yards; Jerious Norwood – 6 carries for 87 yards and a TD. If Dunn continues to struggle, Norwood should begin to see the majority of carries in an offense that is looking for a spark anywhere they can get it at this point.

Wide Receivers

Kevin Walter (HOU): It looks like Andre Johnson will be out for a few more weeks with his knee issue, so contrary to what my co-blogger said previously, Walter might be worth taking a shot on this week.

David Patten (NO): New Orleans offensive players seem to be avoiding consistency this season like the black plague, and Patten is no different. Coming into this weekends game he had only 5 catches all season…then he goes off to the tune of eight catches for 113 yards. Will Patten be this weeks Devery Henderson? Most likely, but if you’re in dire need of an eligible WR for the week, I guess you could do worse.

Donte Stallworth (NE): Most likely he’s not on waivers in your league…but just in case, pick him up immediately. With defenses running double or triple teams on Randy Moss, Stallworth is finally breaking out and building some chemistry with Tom Brady. I’m guessing he’s already taken though…too bad.

Tight Ends

Randy McMichael (STL): If you have no other options, and your TE is on a bye/hurt this week (Kellen Winslow, Todd Heap, Donald Lee), you might consider McMichael with fairly low expectations. Marc Bulger claims that he is returning this week, as he can’t bear to watch his team continue losing (and Frerotte throw 8 INTs in two games)…so maybe he’ll return with a vengeance and some of that will go McMichael’s way. I’m taking the gamble in one of my leagues…feel free to join me if you like.