Waiver-Wire Pickups, Keeper Sleepers and Spot Starts: Week 8

The biggest prize of this week’s waiver-wire will obviously be Jesse Chatman of the Miami Dolphins. With Ronnie Brown out for the year, Chatman becomes the teams number one running back, and figures to put up some decent fantasy stats for the remainder of the season. However, there are a few other players that may be able to help your team overcome those bye week and injury troubles, so here are your pickups of the week.

BYE: Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Kansas City, Seattle


Kellen Clemens (NYJ): Even though Pennington had a decent game this past weekend against the Bengals, the fact that the team lost could spell the end of the Pennington era in New York. The team is 1-6 and almost a lock to miss the playoffs. Clemens will be the starter here sooner than later and the Jets have some decent matchups in the second half of the season, starting with this weeks matchup versus the Bills, so if he gets the start, you might consider plugging him in if your starter is on a bye.

Jay Cutler (DEN): Maybe it was because they were home and on National television, but Cutler was able to play well this weekend against a tough Pittsburgh defense and without his star receiver Javon Walker. If Cutler is available in your league and you had the likes of David Garrard, Jeff Garcia, Byron Leftwich or Chad Pennington on your team, you should definitely make the switch.

Cleo Lemon (MIA): Even though this team is a disaster at this point (and is primed to go a solid 0-16), Lemon hasn’t been all that bad at quarterback. Even against a tough New England defense, he was able to pass for over 230 yards and score a rushing TD. He shouldn’t be your starter on a week-to-week basis, but he has some decent matchups in the second half of the season where you might feel comfortable playing him.

Running Backs

Jesse Chatman (MIA): Pickup of the week! With Ronnie Brown out for the season, Chatman assumes the starting running back role in Miami. Before his injury, Brown was the lone bright spot in the black hole that is the current Miami Dolphins, so maybe Chatman can claim some of that thunder. Don’t expect Ronnie Brown’s numbers though, as he was a more talented back than Chatman.

Earnest Graham (TB): Apparently Graham is not ready to relinquish the starting role to Michael Bennett quite yet. He was able to rack up some serious yardage last week, running and rushing for over 90 yards each. While Bennett may start stealing carries from Graham, he still remains the starter in Tampa Bay for the time being and you should be able to get a couple more productive starts out of him.

Wide Receivers

Roydell Williams (TEN): Maybe it was the fact that Kerry Collins was playing, but Roydell Williams had himself a pretty solid game this weekend, catching five balls for 124 yards. He seems to be on the upswing as well, as he’s now caught five passes in each of the past two games and should have another solid game against Oakland this weekend.

Reggie Brown (PHI): The Eagles are playing the Minnesota Vikings this weekend, a team letting up over 280 yards a game through the air. Those yards have to go somewhere, and expect Brown to get a decent chunk of them this week.

Deion Branch (SEA): Did some impatient manager in your league drop Branch, thinking his injury would prevent him from having any fantasy value for the remainder of the season? If so, you might be in luck. Barring any setbacks, Deion is scheduled to return to action after the teams bye week. While it’s a long shot for most leagues, it is possible that he’s a free agent in your league.

Tight Ends

Tony Scheffler (DEN): Watching the game Sunday night, I couldn’t help notice that Tony Scheffler seemed to be one of Jay Cutler’s favorite targets. He ended the game with five receptions for 50 yards and a touchdown, but also suffered a leg injury. If the injury doesn’t keep him out of this weeks game, he’s worth a plug-n-play for a tight end on a bye or out with injury.