Ask the Geeks: Week 13

Natalie asks: Hey guys – I have to win this one to make playoffs. 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 flex. WR: Engram, Calvin Johnson, Marshall, Berrian, Chris Henry, Harrison (ug). RB: Addai, McGahee, Graham.


Right now, I’m thinking Engram, Johnson, Marshall, Addai, and Graham, but I feel a little crazy for benching McGahee, since he’s been my one really consistent player all season. Thanks!

Brandon’s take: That’s not a bad situation to be in Natalie, as most of your players are set up to have pretty solid games this weekend. I agre with your Addai, Graham, Marshall and Engram picks, but I actually think you could play Willis McGahee instead of Calvin Johnson in the flex spot. Odds are they will post similar stats, but I think McGahee is the most consistent at this point.

Matt’s take: Calvin Johnson should have a very nice day against the pathetic Vikings secondary (I just can’t stop picking on them this season), so I think he’s the best start of all your WRs. I hate McGahee against the Pats; I’d leave him out of your lineup entirely and go with Addai and Graham at RB, Engram and Johnson at WR, and Marshall at the flex spot.

Jobeth asks: Ricky Williams….any value to picking him up in a non-keeper league? I can see the possibility of him being huge, especially if he gets dealt to the dark side (NWE) in the offseason.

Brandon’s take: Conveniently we waited for this question to answer itself! As you know, Ricky Williams is out for the year now. In terms of keeper value though, I also see very little reason to keep him. IF he gets another chance, I can’t see him ever performing the same way he did in the pre-weed days. Although the Patriots are giving Randy Moss a second (or third) chance this year, I don’t see them doing the same for Williams.

Matt’s take: I dunno, Williams might be an intriguing option in 2008. I’m not saying he’s going to put up RB1-type numbers, but assuming the Dolphins trade him, he might fit in nicely on a team that loses the Michael Turner sweepstakes but still desperately needs an experienced tailback (Houston, perhaps?). He’s getting up there in years, but he doesn’t have the wear and tear on his body that he’d have if he’d played consistently for the past few years, so who knows?

Jeff asks: Help needed … even though this week does not really matter, as I have clinched. At WR I am starting Owens and C. Johnson, and am debating between C. Henry (@PIT) and D.J. Hackett (@PHI). At RB I am starting K. Smith and S. Jackson, and am debating between K. Jones (@Min) and A. Peterson (@NYG). I also have R. Johnson (@PIT) and Chatman/Williams (@NYJ).

Brandon’s take: Well, D.J. Hackett is out for a few weeks, so it makes that question pretty easy to answer. As for your running backs, you might take the chance on Adrian Peterson, since the week doesn’t really matter. K-Jones is on my "dud" list this week, as is Rudi Johnson, plus the Dolphins offense just seems horrible at this point. Take the gamble on Peterson and see if he’s a player you might consider starting come playoff time.

Matt’s take: Keep an eye on Chatman; it’s starting to sound like he’ll be healthy enough to play in the Jets game, in which case he’s a must-start.

Richard asks: thanks for all your work. must-win week. no points per reception, 2 rb, 2wr, 2 flex. my choices are: ryan grant, brian westbrook, henry/young, jamal lewis, patrick cobbs, and larry johnson. wr are: burress, ocho cinco, jurevicious, lee evans, chris henry. Again, I must win. lives depend on this. my inclination is to go westbrook, lewis, grant, burress, ocho, and jurevicious. should i consider young or henry for jurevicious. if henry gets one last chance to run v. oakland, i think he might run like his life depends on it. i have derek anderson as qb so i would love to get double points if jurevicious gets a td. thanks.

Brandon’s take: I’d go with Westbrook, Lewis, Grant, Burress, and Chad Johnson for sure. As for your final spot, playing Young, Henry or Jurevicius at this point looks like a pretty big gamble. Henry and Young could be splitting carries, while JJ is inconsistent and hasn’t had a touchdown since week 4. I’d actually go with Travis Henry if you can verify that he’s guaranteed to play. If for some crazy reason he doesn’t play, then I’d actually go with Selvin Young. Good luck!

Matt’s take: I’m with Brandon on the picks, and just want to point something out here: you should never start a player (such as Jurevicius) just because you have the QB who’s throwing to him. Sure, it would be nice to have a double touchdown if they connect in the end zone, but what if Anderson looks to Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow all game and Jurevicius gives you two measly points while another player is blowing up on your bench? You should always go with the strongest player to fill a spot, regardless of who else is on your team.

Mitchell asks: Hey Geeks, we have just finished week 12 and my league has our final pickup going into the playoffs, we pick up weeks 3, 6, 9, and 12. I am currently 8-4 but am in a 2 game slump. I need some waiver help.

Here is my team: WR – Houshmandzadeh, Curtis, Harrison and Matt Jones, DEF – Saints and Dolphins.

I am thinking about either picking up a WR and dropping matt jones or a defense and dropping one of my two. Available WR’s are; kevin walter, andre davis, arnaz battle, reggie williams, joe jurevicious, james jones, isaac bruce, ike hilliard, amani toomer, drew carter, randle el and available DEF are; Tennesee, Detroit, Cincinatti, Buffalo, houston, st louis. I dont mind James Jones but I think a DEF would be a solid pickup but I am simply worried about Marvin Harrison’s status. thanks guys!!!!!!!

Brandon’s take: Hey Mitchell, hopefully this comes out early enough to still help you make that pickup this week. I would recommend dropping Matt Jones and the Dolphins for sure, then go with Tennessee and James Jones. These are drastic improvements over your two players. Hope this helped!

Matt’s take: What the hell are you still doing with the Miami defense on your team? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they haven’t, um, WON A GAME YET.