Draftmix.com Blogger Challenge – we won!

Brandon and I drafted a team in a competition among fantasy sports bloggers hosted by Draftmix.com. It was a one-week "league," with 12 teams. We had the second pick and snagged LT, who did surprisingly little against Houston, but that wasn’t a problem thanks to big games from some of our other picks: Joseph Addai (109 yards, 3 TDs), Reggie Wayne (168 yards, 1 TD), Hines Ward (88 yards, 2 TDs), and Philip Rivers (3 TDs).

Draftmix is a lot of fun. As we get closer to the regular fantasy football playoffs, I can see a lot of people whose fantasy teams are tanking turning to this site to get another shot at winning something. They’re still working on their cashier system, but soon you’ll be able to play for real money. The site as a whole is still in beta (or "preseason," as they call it), and they’re still working out a few kinks as you’d expect, but they’ve got a great idea and it’s implemented well. The draft is my favorite part of the season anyway, and it was interesting to be able to draft a squad with so much more knowledge about the players than you have when you draft in the preseason. I think this could really take off.

Along with the $100 grand prize, we got this sweet digital trophy (props to Matt from Draftmix for even working our logo into it).

A couple of screenshots after the jump.

The league screen:


The team screen: