Studs and Duds: Week 10

Another decent week for the FFGeekBlog "Studs and Duds" column, as I was able to prognosticate my way to a 16-8-6 record on the week. Marshawn Lynch, Clinton Portis, Lee Evans and the Seattle passing game all lived up to their billing, while Steve McNair was absolutely horrendous (as predicted), all helping my cause. On the other side though, Shaun Alexander (who will not find his way onto the "Stud" list for the remainder of the season, no matter the matchup) and the San Diego passing game, did their best to minimize my psychic powers. Of course there was also the insane suggestion that Adrian Peterson might be held in check this past weekend…we all know how that turned out! Anyways, as my recommendations are still proving to be useful (most of the time), here are some for Week 10…


Marshawn Lynch (BUF): Lynch was a beast last week, racking up over 150 yards rushing and a TD against the Bengals. This week? He gets to go against an even worse rush defense in the Miami Dolphins, who are the second worst in rushing yards allowed per game (160) and touchdowns allowed (11) in the NFL to this point. Expect big things.

Ben Roethlisberger / Receivers (PIT): The Cleveland Browns rank dead last in passing yards and touchdowns allowed this season, and Big Ben is coming off a five touchdown performance against the Ravens. On paper, that would set Roethlisberger up for something like an eight touchdown performance this weekend, but we don’t want to get too carried away. He should have a solid game here though, and all his receivers should benefit (Ward, Holmes, Miller).

Priest Holmes (KC): With Larry Johnson out for a week or two (most likely) with a foot injury, the responsibilities fall to Holmes and what better matchup could he ask for then to play against the worst rushing defense in the NFL, the Denver Broncos. Although at this stage in his career, Priest is not the same man as he once was, he should still pile up some decent fantasy stats as he will likely be used in both rushing and passing formations.

Cedric Benson (CHI): If Benson can’t get it done this week against a bad Oakland run defense, then he will be permanently banned from the "stud" portion of this list (along with Shaun Alexander). Oakland has allowed the most rushing touchdowns in the NFL, with running backs finding the endzone 1.5 times a game. Will Benson surprise us all?

Willis McGahee (BAL): McGahee has scored in three straight starts, but had to leave last weeks game with a concussion. He’s expected to play this weekend though, and he has a very nice matchup against the Bengals, who just got torched by Marshawn Lynch. If he’s not suffering any residual effects from the concussion, he should be able to put up some quality stats here.

Brett Favre / Receivers (GB): After shutting down Philip Rivers and the Chargers, the Minnesota pass defense has clawed it’s way out of last place. However, they’re still 31st in yards/game allowed, something that Favre should have no problem exploiting. Donald Driver, Greg Jennings and James Jones (and maybe even Donald Lee) should all reap the rewards here. The real question though, is will Favre throw for more yards than Adrian Peterson will run for?

Larry Fitzgerald (ARI): Although still ranked poorly in pass defense, the Detroit Lions have become a scary defense to play against in the past few weeks. Even though on paper the matchup seems good for the Arizona passing game, I am not really expecting much from anyone except the man who has stayed consistent this whole season, Larry Fitzgerald. Although is touchdown total is very low (1), he’s averaging over 90 yards a game this season and if he can get his second TD, he should be in for a quality fantasy afternoon.

Antonio Gates (SD): Call this more of a hunch, as I expect the Colts defense to overwhelm Philip Rivers for the most part, but Gates should be out for blood after being completely ignored last week in Minnesota. Expect a return to the greatness that is Antonio Gates, who could be the only bright spot on this offense this weekend.


Maurice Jones-Drew / Fred Taylor (TEN): Until someone proves otherwise, every running back that goes against the Tennessee Titans defense will be considered a "dud". The Titans are only allowing 66 yards and about 0.3 rushing touchdowns per game, stats that you don’t necessarily want to divide between two running backs.

Ryan Grant (GB): The Vikings rush defense is only slightly worse than the Titans (about 4 more yards a game), and because their pass defense is so bad, you can expect this game to be all about Favre. Grant will provide some nice change of pace runs to the tune of about 20 carries for 50 yards, but those are not stats you want from a running back on your squad.

Rudi Johnson (CIN): I’m not exactly sure what happened to Rudi Johnson this season, but besides one game (week 2 against Cleveland), he’s been absolutely terrible. He’s supposed to be healthy now, after suffering through a hamstring injury for the past few weeks, but that doesn’t mean he’ll do anything for your team this week. Backup Kenny Watson makes a better play at this point.

Jamal lewis (CLE): Don’t let last week’s Jerome Bettis-like (37 rushing yards, 4 TDs) performance fool you…and don’t expect the Pittsburgh Steelers to be fooled either. Besides that game, Lewis has only scored two other times this year and is playing a Steelers defense that has only allowed two rushing touchdowns all season…not a recipe for success.

Derek Anderson / Braylon Edwards (CLE): This one could come back to bite me, but the Steelers defense is just running on all cylinders at this point. The are number one in passing yards allowed per game and are tied for third with only 7 passing touchdowns allowed. Maybe Anderson passes for 200 and a TD (could be to Edwards), but I don’t much more production than that this weekend.

Philip Rivers / Chris Chambers / Vincent Jackson (SD): As I mentioned earlier, I think Antonio Gates might be the only player to rack up some decent fantasy stats from the Chargers passing game this week. If the Colts can pressure Rivers in the same way that they did to Tom Brady, he could be in for a long afternoon. The Chargers will most likely try to give the Colts a large dose of LaDainian Tomlinson, but once they abandon the running game (because they’re down 14 points or so), this one could get ugly.

Brian Griese / Receivers (CHI): While bad against the run, the Oakland Raiders are pretty tough against the pass, kind of like the anti-Vikings. Griese was absolutely horrendous in his last start, throwing four interceptions, and this week probably won’t be all that much better. The Raiders are allowing only 179 passing yards and less than a touchdown a game this season, stats that you could see from Griese…just add a few interceptions as well.

Slightly-biased scoring (Hits-Misses-Pushes)

Week 9: 16-8-6
Season: 56-24-25