Studs and Duds: Week 13

Did you go and start Eli Manning last weekend based on my "stud" prediction? If so, you’re probably not too happy with me…but who would have known he’d throw 4 INT against the league’s worst pass defense?! I did make a few solid predictions though, as Favre and his receivers went hog wild against the Lions, as did Kurt Warner. The Dolphins running game was horrible, as expected (with a little help from the weather), and the young guns Brodie Croyle and John Beck were pretty bad as well. However, along with Eli, I must admit that I mad a few botched picks, starting with A.J. Feeley (come on…was I the only one that predicted a bad game here?) and Rudi Johnson.

This week though, I have some suggestions that should boost your team in to the playoffs (if you’re not there yet), or move you to the upper seeds in your playoffs. If you’re out of contention already, than hopefully these picks can help you spoil some other poor fools weekend. Good luck to everyone and hopefully FFGeekBlog has helped you in some way to earn a playoff birth!


Thomas Jones (NYJ): If Jones expects to score a touchdown this season, this might be his last chance. The Jets are playing a Dolphins defense that has allowed a rushing touchdown a game to this point in the season and last game these two teams played, Jones ran for 110 yards. Expect big things from Jones this weekend as long as the game is not played in 4 inches of mud.

Justin Fargas (OAK): Fargas has been solid since moving into the starting role for Oakland and this weekend he should continue on that trend against a lowly Broncos rush defense. Look for 100 yards and a score from Fargas this weekend.

Giants RB: At this point it looks like Derrick Ward might get the start this weekend for the G-Men, and he’ll be in a good spot too against the Bears, who have allowed a touchdown a game on the ground and over 120 yards.

Jon Kitna / Roy Williams / Calvin Johnson (DET): Although they played well against Eli and the G-Men last weekend, the Vikings are still letting up a league worst 283 yards a game through the air, which should allow Kitna some good opportunities this weekend.

Sidney Rice (MIN): While the Lions are second worst in the NFL in terms of passing yards allowed and passing touchdowns, it’s hard to say that the Vikings passing game will be able to take advantage of it. However, if anyone on the Vikings will have a big game, it will probably be Rice who has become the big play receiver on the team.

Kurt Warner / Larry Fitzgerald / Anquan Boldin (ARI): Warner lit it up last weekend, throwing for nearly 500 yards (in a loss). As long as his injuries don’t get worse, he should have a big game against a Browns defense that has alowed the most passing touchdowns in the NFL (25) this season.

Peyton Manning / Reggie Wayne (IND): In any other season, considering Peyton a "stud" would be like saying that water is wet. However, this year he hasn’t been quite the same Manning we’re used to…but this could be a week he reverts back to the old ways. If Marvin Harrison is able to return (but even if he doesn’t), Manning should have a big day against the Jags this weekend.

Joey Galloway (TB): With Garcia’s injury, I can’t encourage the starting of any Tampa Bay quarterback this weekend. However, no matter who is behind center, Galloway should be able to take advantage of a weak Saints secondary.


David Garrard (JAX): While Garrard has been decent as of late, I don’t expect to see the success continue when the Jags go to Indy this weekend. The Colts will force Garrard to beat them and I expect him to make a few costly mistakes in this one.

Kellen Clemens / Jericho Cotchery / Laveranues Coles (NYJ): Although the Dolphins are the worst team in the NFL, it really isn’t the fault of their secondary, which has allowed the third lowest passing yards per game in the league (although they have allowed a few touchdowns). Clemens might be in for a rough day here, and I expect the Jets to run Thomas Jones all afternoon anyways.

Drew Brees / Marques Colston (NO): Tampa Bay has allowed 188 passing yards and under a touchdown a game through the air this season. Would you be happy with 188 passing yards and a touchdown (maybe) from Brees? If you would be, then start him. Otherwise, you might look elsewhere.

Kevin Jones (DET): Jones was solid last week against a pretty good Packers run defense, but this week he goes against an even better one with the Vikings. Don’t expect a repeat performance here as the Lions attack through the air all day long.

Rudi Johnson (CIN): Rudi decided to return to his post-2007 self last weekend, finally looking like the first round fantasy draft pick that he most likely was in your league. However, this weekend he’s playing a Steelers defense that beat up the first two running backs the Dolphins threw at them, so there’s a chance they could do the same to Johnson. If you have another option this weekend, you might go that direction. If Rudi does well this weekend though, you should be in the clear with assuming he’s back to his normal self…I just don’t see it happening.

Laurence Maroney (NE): Maroney seems to be in the Patriot "dog house", and the Ravens have a solid rush defense. These two things do not lead me to believe that Maroney will have a good afternoon. Keep him on the bench where he should have been for most of the season so far.

Willis McGahee (BAL): While I actually don’t think the Patriots rush defense is really an elite unit, the fact that the offense puts the other team in catch-up mode so early forces the other team to abandon the run for the most part, which equals lower stats. I expect the same to take place against the Ravens this weekend, as the Pats force Boller to beat them (and hopefully he doesn’t have the same success that Feeley did last weekend!)

Slightly-biased scoring (Hits-Misses-Pushes)

Week 12: 14-7-5
Season: 84-36-39