Studs and Turkeys: Week 12

Week 11 is in the books, and my projections ended up being fairly solid. Chester Taylor, Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson, and the Arizona passing game led the way for my stud picks. Besides Thomas Jones, the rest of the Jets offense was bad, as projected, so that went in my favor. However, the Giants passing game was a little disappointing, as was Willie "not so fast" Parker. As it’s a short week (Happy almost Thanksgiving!), I figured I should get these stud and dud picks out there as soon as possible. In the spirit of things, I bring to you FFGeekBlog’s studs and turkeys.


Brett Favre / Wide Receivers / Donald Lee: Favre is playing out of his mind right now and shouldn’t let up when the Pack goes to Detroit this Thanksgiving.

Matt Schaub / Andre Johnson (HOU): Back-to-back weeks on the studs list…not too shabby. No one has been able to stop Johnson in the three games he’s played this season, so why would the Browns and their NFL last 23 allowed passing touchdowns be the first team?

Eli Manning / Plaxico Burress / Jeremy Shockey (NYG): Although they tried to ruin me last week, I have to put the G-Men and their passing game back on this list. The Giants are playing the Vikings, who are allowing the most passing yards per game in the NFL with 288. If Eli can’t perform this week…

Willie Parker (PIT): Another guy who tried to sabotage me last week, Parker should regain his form this weekend against a Dolphins run defense that has allowed the most yards and second most rushing TD’s in the NFL.

Cedric Benson (CHI): It’s amazing that Benson had a good game last weekend and is again on the studs list. However, playing against the Broncos and their 149 rushing yards allowed per game forced me to do it. I don’t think 90 yards and a score are out of the question for the always lovable C-Ben this week.

Marion Barber III (DAL): Marion hasn’t been much of a Barbarian these past few weeks, but this should change when he gets the spotlight this Thanksgiving against a Jets defense that has allowed 148 rushing yards and a TD each game this season.


John Beck / Ted Ginn, Jr. (MIA): In his first career start, the Dolphins made sure not to over do it with Beck, but this weekend I don’t see the Steelers doing the same (in a bad way). Playing IN Pittsburgh, against the top ranked pass defense (yardage-wise), should spell disaster for Beck and his receivers.

Atlanta QB: Who knows who will play quarterback here…but honestly, it doesn’t matter. Even with a beat up secondary, the Colts defense should be more than capable to force a few turnovers and make it a rough day for whoever the Falcons put behind center.

Jason Campbell / Santana Moss / Antwaan Randle El (WAS): Call me crazy, but I just don’t see the Redskins passing game getting it done against a Buc’s defense that has only allowed 7 passing touchdowns all season (not to mention they’re third in the league in passing yards allowed). Campbell has been hot these past two weeks, but expect it to come to a crashing halt this week.

Brodie Croyle (KC): Croyle did alright in his first start, but he’s unlikely to do the same this week. While the Oakland run defense is bad, their pass defense is pretty good…which doesn’t bode well for Brodie.

Eagles QB / Reggie Brown (PHI): Whoever is at the helm for the Eagles this weekend will have their chance (read: be forced) to throw a lot (once they’re down 21 points in the second quarter), but I don’t expect it to be all that effective. Once the Patriots get on a roll, everyone seems to stop and just watch, instead of focusing on playing the game. I can picture the Eagles doing the same…and then playing poorly.

Brandon Jacobs (NYG): Minnesota is the top ranked rush defense in terms of yardage, plus I expect the G-Men passing game to come out swinging this weekend, so don’t expect a whole lot out of Jacobs.

LaDainian Tomlinson (SD): In previous years, LT would never be on a list called "Turkeys", but this year is different. The Chargers passing game is a disaster and it’s hurting LT. Add that to the fact that they’re playing a tough Ravens rush defense and it could make for a long afternoon for Tomlinson.

Jesse Chatman / Ricky Williams (MIA): If Ricky Williams returns this Monday, he’ll get center stage on MNF…however, this game does not figure to be pretty. With a loss to the Jets last weekend, I expect the Steelers to be gunning for another AFC East bottom-dweller, and the Chatman/Williams combo could suffer the wrath.

Thomas Jones (NYJ): He surprised me last week by rushing for over 100 yards against a Steelers defense that had not allowed such in a long time, but can he repeat? Most likely not. Dallas will shut down T.Jones on national television while we all stuff our faces with turkey and cranberry sauce.

Rudi Johnson / Kenny Watson (CIN): This running game has fallen off the edge of the earth due to injury and offensive line issues and it’s not going to change this weekend against the Titans. Splitting 86 rushing yards a game between two running backs is not promising.

Slightly-biased scoring (Hits-Misses-Pushes)

Week 11: 13-6-3
Season: 83-35-37