Ask the Geeks: Week 13 (Part 2) 

A couple more questions from the past day or so…

Micael Jenkins asks: I’m in a must win week and here’s my roaster. I think it’s decent but i’m iffy about sitting andre johnson in favor of deion branch in light of what philly did to moss last week. what do you guys think?


QB Tom Brady
QB Drew Brees
WR Larry Fitzgerald
WR Wes Welker
WR Deion Branch
RB Derrick Ward
RB Travis Henry
TE Antonio Gates
W/R Maurice Jones-Drew

BN Andre Johnson
BN Kevin Jones
BN Torry Holt
BN Chris Henry
BN Benjamin Watson

Brandon’s take: Mr. Jenkins, are you (or are you related to) the Michael Jenkins that plays for the Falcons? We’re always looking for celebrities (or semi-celebrities) to hit our site. Anyways, I’m going to stray a bit from your question and first make the comment that you have the most STACKED team in terms of receivers I have ever seen. You really can’t go wrong here. However, if I were you, this is what I would do…

Bench Travis Henry, as he could be splitting time with Selvin Young or Andre Hall. Put MJD in Henry’s spot. Now you can start 4 of those receivers (one in the WR/RB spot). Go with Fitzgerald, Welker (especially if you’re in a PPR league), Johnson and Holt (even if Frerrote is behind center). Benching Branch is tough, but considering the matchups, I think you have to go that route.

If you just wanted a simple answer to your question though, I would play Andre Johnson over Deion Branch. Hope this helped!

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