The Wire: Week 14 

Wow, I’m glad I’m a Patriots fan and not a Ravens fan after last nights game. Imagine the feeling those players had when they thought they had the game won…then realized that one of their coaches had called a time out? Ouch! Alright, that’s enough rubbing it in. I was definitely on an emotional roller coaster watching that one though…let’s hope the rest of their undefeated season is a lot less exciting (as they return to blowing out teams!) Anyways, the playoffs start this week in most leagues, so hopefully you have earned a spot in your league’s tournament. In case you’re in search of some last minute players to snag off the waiver wire that could help your team advance, here you go…

Bryant Johnson (WR-ARI): At this point, both Fitzgerald and Boldin are banged up, which could set the stage for a big day for Johnson this weekend. Even if Fitz or Boldin play, as long as both of them don’t play, Johnson should put up some good numbers, similar to his 56 yard and one touchdown performance this past weekend.

Mike Furrey and Shaun McDonald (WR-DET): With Roy Williams expected to miss the rest of the season with a knee sprain, Furrey will join the starting lineup with Calvin Johnson, but both Furrey and McDonald should see an increase in workload.

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