Three Potential Shockers for Week 14 

I’m a bit ashamed to realize that the last Shocker post I did was for week 11. At least it was a decent one… I correctly predicted big games for Ronald Curry (120 yards) and his QB Daunte Culpepper (a whopping 340 yards, only 1 TD though). The picks of Northcutt, Boller, and Grossman were wrong and stupid.

Here are this week’s potentially wrong and stupid picks. I’m pressed for time this afternoon (damn these Thursday games rushing me) so I can only offer three today. As always, here’s a brief explanation of my definition of a fantasy "shocker": A player who comes out of relatively nowhere, has a gigantic, multi-touchdown game, becomes the hottest waiver commodity the following week, and then soon sinks back into the relative obscurity from whence he came. Like I’ve said before, these are long-shot picks and I don’t expect to hit on most of them.

Kellen Clemens, QB, NYJ: He’ll likely have Coles back, and good things tend to happen against the Browns D. Given that the Browns will be able to score against the Jets, the Man-Formerly-Known-As-A-Genius will be forced to call a ton of passing plays. Expect big yardage, and at least a couple of touchdowns.

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