Studs and Duds: Week 15 

Did you survive the first round of the playoffs? Are you still in contention for some consolation prize? Before I get into this weekend’s picks, let’s take a look back at how last week went. As hard as a few players tried, I still ended up with a pretty solid record. The Buffalo running game, plus my boy Ryan Grant, turned in very solid performances, while the Tony Romo to Jason Witten connection was in full force, even if T.O. was left out of the action. Kevin Jones came out of no where to log multiple touchdowns, while the Buffalo and Houston passing games went huge in the touchdown department…which was NOT expected though. This weekend I’m looking to make perfect recommendations (no misses!), but we’ll just have to wait and see how that works out. So without further ado, here are your suggestions that should hopefully propel your team to the next (and possibly final) round of your playoffs…


Adrian Peterson (MIN): I’m going to go out on a limb and say that last weeks performance by Peterson was a complete anomaly. How else can you explain how the San Francisco 49er’s (!!!) held A.Pete to 3 freakin’ yards on 14 carries? This week Peterson plays against a soft, inter-conference Chicago run defense, so he’ll be looking to re-establish himself as the top back in the NFL.

Joseph Addai (IND): Even with low yardage last week, Addai found his way into the endzone three times. This week, he faces the worst run defense in the NFL in allowing teams into the endzone with the Raiders (21 rushing touchdowns allowed!) Addai should have a field day.

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