Ask the Geeks: Week 16 

For all of you that made your league’s championship game this weekend, tonight begins your last match of the season, so good luck! Hopefully we can answer some last minute questions to get you that trophy.

Patrick asks: In week 16 do I start Marshawn Lynch (RB-BUF) versus the Giants or Kolby Smith (RB-KC) at Detroit?

Brandon’s take: Patrick, I’d go with Kolby Smith for a few reasons: (a) Smith is not splitting carries, while Lynch is (with Fred Jackson), (b) the Lions run defense is not as good as the Giants run defense (by about 16 yards/game and 8 touchdowns), plus they just got torched by the Chargers for over 260 yards and 4 touchdowns on the ground, so they’re looking mightly vulnerable at this point. And (c), the Lions field is indoors, so weather won’t be an issue, while the same can’t be said for Giants Stadium.

Matt’s take: I have nothing to add. This one’s a no-brainer.

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