Ask the Geeks: Week 15

Week 15 begins tonight, as the Denver Broncos go to Houston to take on the Texans, so let’s get started with a few early questions from our readers…

Chris asks: Hey guys .. I have a couple of roster questions for my semifinal matchup


1.For my third WR would you start Lee Evans or Bobby Engram .. It would be easy to say Evans over his outing last week but this entire year I have been being very optimistic after big games like that but instead he will go weeks with 40 yd games and no TDs while Engram is more reliable..

2. San Diego D or Green Bay D

Brandon’s take: Hey Chris, that’s a tough one you have there with your receivers. It’s hard for me to tell you to start Engram over Evans, when Evans made my "Studs" list this week. However, since it is the playoffs, you might go with the more reliable Engram in this case. Evans is a home run threat, especially against the Brownies defense, but Engram is pretty good for 8-15 points a week or so. Engram has been producing all season long and actually has more touchdowns than Evans.

In terms of your defenses, I would go with San Diego this week. The Lions have been terrible lately, losing 5 straight, while averaging under 20 points a game and I see the Chargers defense going big in this one at home.

Matt’s take: If you’re ever going to start Evans, this is the week. He tends to run hot and cold, and since he just had a nice game, he might be ready for a hot streak. He and Edwards should connect at least a five times against Cleveland, and he’s always a threat for the long touchdown catch.

Keep an eye on the St. Louis QB situation this week, and if Brock Berlin is starting again, use the Green Bay defense. If not, San Diego’s a decent choice.

Eric asks: Hey guys, I need some help!!! Big week for all of us in Fantasy Land, I’m sure. I need to pick the following:


2 QB’s out of: Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, Eli Manning, and Vince Young
3 WR’s out of: Bowe, Welker, Curtis, Roddy White, and Driver
Def: Baltimore, Minnesota, or Seattle
I’m solid on the RB selections this week – Addai, Westbrook, and Peterson (Vikes).

Thanks in advance!! A minimum of $200 is riding on this week! 🙂

Brandon’s take: Wow, you’re relying on us for $200 advice? Hah…well I’ll give it my best. Maybe you pass a cut to us if you win? Anyways, for quarterbacks, I’d go with Peyton and Warner (who made my "Studs" list this week). Eli and Vince Young are far to inconsistent at this point to start in the playoffs. For your receivers, you have to play the hot hand with Roddy White. As for your other two, go with Donald Driver (against a weak Rams defense) and Wes Welker (always one of Brady’s favorite targets). Finally, I’m loving the Baltimore defense this week against a Miami team that is turning the ball over at a stunning rate. Even with Cleo Lemon behind center, he had a 3-6 TD/INT ratio before taking a seat for John Beck, so expect a few turnovers in this one.

Matt’s take: Cross Eli and Vince off your list right away, neither are worthy fantasy starters at this point. I’m with Brandon on his WR picks; it’s time to bench Bowe, sadly – KC is all over the place. Baltimore’s the #1 fantasy defense pick this week, obviously. Miami is melting down like I’ve never seen an NFL team do before. Shameful, really.