Sunday Wrap-up: B. Marshall breaks out!

On a day when the Patriots crushed the Steelers to move to 13-0 (can we take anything Anthony Smith says seriously now?), one of my proudest (and luckiest) moments was seeing my pre-season sleeper pick, Brandon Marshall, step up and go huge in the first round of my fantasy playoffs.

Brandon Marshall (WR-DEN): 10 receptions, 115 receiving yards, 2 TD, 10 rushing yards

Complementing those stats was the fact that in one of my leagues, I had also started Jay Cutler…so that worked out pretty well. Hopefully our readers had similar luck if everyone drafted Marshall like I recommended! Anyways, Sunday seemed to mark a return to great fantasy stats for most of the regulars, such as Brady, Manning, LT, Moss, and Trent Edwards. Hah…well maybe Edwards didn’t return to greatness, but he did have a great game. I guess that’s one things the Dolphins are good at…making the opposing quarterback look like Dan Marino. So that’s enough rambling, let’s get to the top performers of the weekend…


Tom Brady (NE): 399 passing yards, 4 TD
Five more touchdowns to break Manning’s single season record…

Matt Hasselbeck (SEA): 272 passing yards, 4 TD
Best game of the season for Hasselbeck couldn’t have come at a better time for fantasy managers

Jay Cutler (DEN): 244 passing yards, 4 TD, 22 rushing yards
Finally he has the breakout game that the Broncos were expecting to see all season…too bad it might have been a little too late

Peyton Manning (IND): 249 passing yards, 4 TD
Two straight four touchdown performances…fantasy managers have to be pretty psyched abou that

Trent Edwards (BUF): 165 passing yards, 4 TD
Edwards was much more efficient than Brady, converting only 165 yards into four touchdowns…I guess it helps to have a running game…and play the Dolphins

Running Backs

LaDainian Tomlinson (SD): 146 rushing yards, 5 receptions, 27 receiving yards, 2 TD (1 rush, 1 receive)
Big game from the top running back in the league

Marion Barber III (DAL): 43 rushing yards, 10 receptions, 61 receiving yards, 3 TD (2 rush, 1 receive)
Not much happening in terms of rushing yards, but with all the TDs and receiving yards, it didn’t matter

Jamal Lewis (CLE): 118 rushing yards, 3 receptions, 19 receiving yards, 2 TD (1 rush, 1 receive)
With every good game Lewis posts, I regret not drafting him in every league I was in…

Joseph Addai (IND): 32 rushing yards, 3 receptions, 49 receiving yards, 3 TD (2 rush, 1 receive)
Similar to Barber (above)…low yardage, but big fantasy numbers

Wide Receivers

Randy Moss (NE): 7 receptions, 135 receiving yards, 2 TD
Breaks his own touchdown record for a season…now looks to break Jerry Rice’s single season record

Anthony Gonzalez (IND): 6 receptions, 134 receiving yards, 2 TD
Can Gonzalez be the next Marvin Harrison…this was a good start

Plaxico Burress (NYG): 7 receptions, 136 receiving yards, 2 TD
After a few poor performances over the last few games, Burress stepped up big against a conference rival

Jabar Gaffney (NE): 7 receptions, 122 receiving yards, 1 TD
When Brady blows up, even Gaffney can reap the rewards

Jerheme Urban (ARI): 6 receptions, 123 receiving yards, 1 TD
Who? Looks like Warner doesn’t need Fitz or Boldin to have a big fantasy day

Lee Evans (BUF): 2 receptions, 79 receiving yards, 2 TD
Talk about making the most of your opportunities!

Tight Ends

Jason Witten (DAL): 15 receptions, 138 receiving yards, 1 TD
If you owned Witten and you’re in a PPR league…you’re very happy with this performance


Seattle: 21 points allowed, 5 sacks, 1 safety, 5 INT, 1 TD
23 fantasy points…not a bad day in the office