The Wire: Week 15

So I survived the first round of the playoffs in the two leagues I made the playoffs in, in large part due to the performance of Brandon Marshall, Jay Cutler and Ryan Grant…not to mention the Buffalo defense. Hopefully most of our readers can say the same thing and have survived long enough so that this list even matters to them at this point! I didn’t want to go off on any tangents about how the Patriots or still undefeated after stomping the Steelers or anything like that, so let’s get right to this weeks waiver wire suggestions…

Baltimore (DEF): Just as I expected, the Buffalo defense was one of the top defenses last week against the Miami Dolphins. Their next opponent? The Baltimore Ravens. While the Ravens defense has been decent this season, it hasn’t been as good as the previous few years, leading to them being free agents in many leagues. I just snatched them up this morning in one of my leagues and you should do the same.

Jabar Gaffney (WR-NE): Here’s a guy who could have made Matt’s Shockers of the Week list after his 122 yard, one TD performance this past weekend against the Steelers. Will he get the same yardage this coming weekend? Most likely not. But he does have a touchdown in each of the past three weeks…so Brady is looking his way towards the endzone. He’s worth a shot if you’re having trouble filling that WR3 spot this week.

Anthony Gonzalez (WR-IND): Another Shocker of the Week, but Gonzalez should continue to produce in a fairly consistent manner from here on out I have to believe. Manning will be looking to get really comfortable with Gonzalez the next few games in preparation for the playoffs, where Marvin Harrison is not likely to be there at full strength. Gonzalez makes a good WR3 play for the remainder.

Aaron Stecker (RB-NO): If he wasn’t picked up earlier by a Reggie Bush owner, you might be able to get him at this point, after his 100 yard performance last night. Don’t expect anything flashy from Stecker, but he should put up some decent numbers as the feature back in the Saints offense. Hopefully you’re not relying on him to carry your team through the playoffs though.

To everyone still surviving in their league’s playoffs…good luck!