Are you in a playoffs fantasy league?

If you’re participating in a league with friends (or one of those online contests) that applies fantasy rules to playoff football, we’d love to hear about it. Use the comment portion of this post to share your experiences and recommendations.

This year, I’m giving CBS Sportsline’s "Playoff Challenge" a try. It seems pretty straightforward – pick some players each week (each of whom is worth a certain number of "units"), keep your total number of units under 300, and then hope for the best. Unfortunately, there’s only one prize, $5,000 to the person who does the best. Seems kinda lame, but whatever, it’s free. For week 18, I’m going with:

  • QB: Eli Manning (67 units) – Gulp. ‘Twas a call I had to make so I could get…
  • RB1: LaDainian Tomlinson (69 units) – Just gotta have him this week.
  • RB2: Brandon Jacobs (33 units) – A steal at this price.
  • WR1: Plaxico Burress (39 units) – Double gulp.
  • WR2: Deion Branch (20 units) – While we’re taking risks…
  • TE: Antonio Gates (34 units) – The only other decent options are Chris Cooley (29 units) and Heath Miller (22 units), and the unit differences don’t make sense to me. A-Gates is way better than a 5-unit improvement over Cooley or 12 over Miller.
  • K: Nate Kaeding (27 units) – It hurt to have to drop 27 units on a kicker. When even Lawrence Tynes will cost you 24 units, you know kickers are way overvalued here.
  • DEF: Steelers (23 units) – Inexplicably, they’re the second-cheapest DST available. I know Garrard doesn’t throw picks, but somehow I doubt the Steelers’ stingy rush defense will allow Fred Taylor to plow them over again.

Total units used: 296 of a possible 300.

So, that’s my squad – I accepted big risks at most positions in order to save enough units for LT and Gates, whom I simply couldn’t resist. If Eli and Plax hook up for one long TD, I’m feeling good about this lineup.