It's a sad day for Patriots fans…

…as well as those of us who are not too fond of the Manning family as a whole. I have to give the Giants props though, as they played the perfect game plan to take the Patriots out of their rhythm. Towards the end of the season, teams realized that the only way to beat the Patriots was to pressure Tom Brady (which takes Randy Moss out of the game as Brady doesn’t have time for those deep bombs), but the Giants were the only team with defensive players good enough to actually make it happen. I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to see the Patriots go 19-0!

Some things about the game I just wanted to mention:

  • David Tyree’s leaping, behind the helmet catch was insane/awesome/ridiculous!
  • The Giants’ pass rush COMPLETELY DOMINATED the Patriots offensive line
  • The Patriots seemed to forget how to run the ball for the most part
  • Why are people saying that Belichick was a poor sport for walking off the field with one second left on the clock? He walked to the center of the field with Giants coach Tom Coughlin when they both though the game was over and shook hands and hugged. Was he supposed to go back to the sidelines, wait for the kneel-down, then go back on the field and shake hands again?
  • I bet Brady has a personal assistant today whose only job is to rotate and refreeze his ice packs.
  • Those Madden videogame hail mary bombs Brady was throwing up at the end of the game were ridiculous. They needed a field goal to tie the game…couldn’t they have figured out some better way to move the ball down the field in the closing seconds? It may have been too late at that point, but still…
  • It took until the last few minutes of the game to see Tom Brady finally play like the Tom Brady we all know and love, but maybe they scored a little too quickly. They gave Eli just enough time to orchestrate his own Brady-like drive and scoring the winning touchdown.
  • I’m pretty sure that Tom Petty had some metal frame or something hidden in his clothes, keeping his body from crumpling over. Was it just me or did he sound really old (and look even older)? I guess the NFL or Fox didn’t have to worry about any exposure issues this time though…
  • It’s almost baseball season…Go Red Sox! (and go Celtics! I’m just not as big of a basketball fan.)

Also, based on this Superbowl (and playoffs as well), do you make any adjustments to where Tom Brady, Eli Manning and Randy Moss appear on your cheat sheets? Although it will probably come back to bite me, I have to say that Brady moves down slightly, as does Randy Moss, meaning that other teams will draft them before me most likely. In terms of Eli…he screwed me in at least one league this year, but maybe next season he will become a true fantasy football-friendly quarterback.