2008 Quarterback Power Rankings

Power rankings for other positions

Here are your quarterback power rankings for the 2008 fantasy football season, with my boy Tom Brady leading the pack…

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Last updated: 08/26/08
Rank Player Team Notes
Tier 1: Tom Brady
1 Brady, Tom NE Last time I checked, Wes Welker and Randy Moss were still on the team. Look for big things again this year from Brady (although I wouldn’t expect 50 touchdowns again).
Tier 2: Best of the rest
2 Manning, Peyton IND Can Anthony Gonzalez step up and become a solid #2 for Manning? If Marvin Harrison continues his dramatic descent into old man territory, he’ll have to if Manning wishes to have a good fantasy year.
3 Romo, Tony DAL Romo had a solid season last year and look for him to do even better this year with another year of experience under his belt.
4 Roethlisberger, Ben PIT Apparently he was the top fantasy producer in a Madden 09 simulation…do you believe a list that has Tatum Bell and Tarvaris Jackson in the top 25 though?
5 Brees, Drew NO
Tier 3: Solid options if you went with a top RB or WR with your first few picks
6 Anderson, Derek CLE That last preseason game made me a bit nervous, with the concussion adding injury to the insult of his poor play up to that point. I expect he’ll rebound and come back strong in the regular season, but let’s hope he can show something before that in the next few weeks to make me feel better.
7 Palmer, Carson CIN I’m still a bit worried about the receiver situation in Cincy, but after some coercion by our readers, I was able to make myself boost Palmer up the ranks a bit. Let’s hope that Ocho Cinco is good to go when the season starts though…
8 Hasselbeck, Matt SEA
9 Favre, Brett NYJ Your new starting quarterback for the New York Jets. Finally, with Manny and Favre on new teams, we can get ESPN back from the hostage takers!
10 Manning, Eli NYG
11 Cutler, Jay DEN Should be a lot healthier this season after finding out he has diabetes in the offseason and properly treating it. If WR Brandon Marshall was there to start the year, it be a better though.
12 McNabb, Donovan PHI All his receivers keep getting hurt, but he should end up alright in terms of fantasy stats.
Tier 4: Still serviceable options as a QB1…you just better have some solid players at other positions
13 Kitna, Jon DET Up Looking spectacular in preseason…”pre” being the key word.
14 Garrard, David JAX
15 Schaub, Matt HOU
16 Delhomme, Jake CAR Steve Smith’s suspension hurts a bit, but if he can stay healthy, Delhomme could have a top 10 year for quarterbacks.
17 Rivers, Philip SD Up Gates says he’ll be good to go at the start of the season and I think Rivers should be improved with another year at the helm.
18 Bulger, Marc STL There was a time when I was a huge Bulger fan…but that was years ago. Today he’s the quarterback for a team that gives him very little protection, throwing the ball primarily to one receiver, while Steven Jackson does the dirty work. Maybe you can convince me otherwise, but for now, I don’t see Bulger making my fantasy roster…at least not as my starter.
Tier 5: You would prefer to have these guys as your backup
19 Campbell, Jason WAS
20 Rodgers, Aaron GB Favre is back…and I have no clue where the hell he or Rodgers fits on this list currently.
21 Garcia, Jeff TB
22 Young, Vince TEN He still has no receivers…but could he throw it to them anyways?
23 Russell, JaMarcus OAK Javon Walker’s thoughts of retiring doesn’t do much to instill optimism in this passing game, but we’ll see, I still think Russell will do alright this year.
24 Edwards, Trent BUF As a Bills fan, my co-blogger Matt will not appreciate Edwards’ rank here, but
can you honestly move him up much further? At least he’s on the list!
25 Pennington, Chad MIA