Offensive line rankings

Stumbled across this remarkably in-depth resource today. O-lines obviously have a major impact on fantasy player performance; when it comes to running backs in particular, you aren’t really drafting the player as much as the line he runs behind. A perfect example from the Browns page:

The Browns offensive line is undoubtedly one of the best in the NFL and their play will continue to improve in 2008 but according to those statistics, the Browns running game could be much better if Jamal Lewis stepped up his play.

Translation: Jamal Lewis isn’t doing anything special out there, but he’s still a solid RB2 (NOT a RB1) thanks to his o-line. This also means that if Lewis gets hurt, his backup (Harrison or Wright) is likely to be a decent fantasy contributor right away.

The level of detail here is awesome; I love how they tell you not just how good a line is as pass protection and run blocking, but also whether they’ve improved in those areas since last year. There’s a ton more to be learned here. Enjoy.