2008 Tight End Power Rankings

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Here are your power rankings for the tight end position this season. If you don’t pull one of the top guys on the list, make sure you don’t rush into any rash decisions to fill the spot. I expect that we’ll see some pretty solid stats from some of the second and third tier guys on this list…guys you can get pretty late in the draft.

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Rank Player Team Notes
Tier 1: Best of the best
1 Witten, Jason DAL He’s overtaken the king (Gates) at the top of the list. As last season’s stats show (1145 yards, 7 TD), Witten is one of Romo’s favorite targets. Expect more of the same this year.
2 Gates, Antonio SD Although Witten topped him last season, expect Gates to rebound from a semi-disappointing year and post a solid fantasy year and give Witten a run for the money as the top TE in the NFL.
3 Winslow, Kellen CLE If Cleveland’s offense can produce like they did last season, Winslow will again reap the rewards. The real question is whether or not Derek Anderson is a one hit wonder or not.
Tier 2: Best of the rest
4 Gonzalez, Tony KC He’s not getting any younger, but his stats last year (1172 yards, 5 TD) prove that he still has some skills.
5 Cooley, Chris WAS
6 Shockey, Jeremy NO Call it a hunch, but I think the trade to New Orleans could be just what the doctor ordered to boost Shockey’s value, so let’s see how it turns out…
7 Clark, Dallas IND If Marvin Harrison continues his sharp decline, expect Clark to see even more throws from Peyton. He’s the primary red zone target in the offense as well.
Tier 3: Serviceable options at TE, as long as the rest of your roster is solid
8 Miller, Heath PIT Big Ben is expected to throw a lot this season and Miller is his safety net.
9 Scheffler, Tony DEN In his second year in the league, Scheffler made great strides towards developing chemistry with quarterback Jay Cutler. Expect him to continue that trend this year.
10 Heap, Todd BAL Heap is a tremendous player when he is healthy…but when is he healthy? Apparently he’s feeling great in training so far this season and should be a focal point for Cam Cameron’s offense this year.
11 Crumpler, Alge TEN Apparently enjoys working with Vince Young, so if he can stay healthy all year, at least he expects to have a big year. We’ll have to wait and see on that one.
12 Davis, Vernon SF With Mike Martz in San Francisco this year (and apparently impressed with Vernon’s skills), expect the best season yet as long as he can stay healthy.
13 Keller, Dustin NYJ Up Favre seems to be taking a liking to the rookie!
14 Daniels, Owen HOU
15 Watson, Benjamin NE
16 Miller, Zach OAK Big preseason so far…seems to be developing some good chemistry with JaMarcus Russell.
Tier 4: Backups (at this point) other forms of life
17 Boss, Kevin NYG Shockey was traded, so Boss becomes the main man in New York. Expect a big boost in his stats this season.
18 Olsen, Greg CHI As much as I want to like Olsen, the quarterback position in Chi-town is just soooo bad.
19 King, Jeff CAR I expect Delhomme to utilize King better than the rubbish the Panthers rolled out on the field at the quarterback position last season.
20 Utecht, Ben CIN
21 Smith, L.J. PHI
22 McMichael, Randy STL
23 Lee, Donald GB Now that Favre is gone, Lee’s stats will most likely decline a bit.
24 Smith, Alex TB
25 Pope, Leonard ARI