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  • Brandon 8:41 am on July 31, 2008 Permalink  

    2008 Sleepers and undervalued players 

    As the preseason approaches, as well as many of your fantasy football drafts, it’s time to write about some of the players that we recommend you target in your draft…players that most of the other owners in your league might not be thinking about (or even aware of). While making this list, I realized that a few of the players I wanted to include are not necessarily “sleeper” picks, so the list was expanded slightly to include players that are simply undervalued at their position, and that you should be able to pick up late in your draft. If you’re in a keeper league, the young players on this list usually make for good pickups, with the hope that they can become stars in the future. Even if you’re not in a keeper league though, the hope is that these players can help your team at some point in the season, if not immediately, so keep an eye on ’em!


    Aaron Rodgers (GB): As long as Brett Favre does not somehow weasel his way back into the starting role in Green Bay, Rodgers is primed to have a pretty solid year in Green Bay. Last season Favre managed to thrown 28 touchdowns in this offense, which other than Donald Driver, consisted primarily of players with very little experience in the offense (or the league for that matter). I expect this year that while there will be an obvious drop off at the quarterback position, all of the other players on the team should take strides forward and allow Rodgers to have a great “rookie” season. You might not want him as your QB1 going into the season, but if you’re starting him consistently from week 3 or 4 on, don’t be surprised.

    (More …)

    • JG 2:12 pm on August 3, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Good stuff Geek. Love the Rice pick. But Aaron Rogers hasn’t done anything except get hurt. Maybe he’s not a bad backup though as you say. But what about Favre? If you have your draft today, do you take him? What round is too early? Looks like he just got reinstated.

    • Brandon 2:46 pm on August 4, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @JG: The tough thing with Favre at this point is that every day his status with the league seems to be changing. Right now I’m still drafting him as a backup quarterback, albeit one with really high upside. However, it’s hard to draft a quarterback as your starting fantasy QB if he doesn’t even have a starting gig in the NFL at the moment. Most drafts are in late August, so hopefully yours is and you can wait until he establishes himself as the starter in Green Bay or somewhere else (Minnesota?) If he becomes the starter in Green Bay, you can boost him up to somewhere in the 5th-10th quarterback. If he goes with a team with less talent at the receiver position, he’ll still be a top 15 quarterback.

    • SM 2:49 pm on August 5, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Thomas Jones as RB sleeper. New offensive line. Remember prior to AP’s arrival Minnesota picked up Steve Hutchinson. Chester Taylor ran better and the rookie sensation got free holes.

  • Brandon 11:13 pm on July 30, 2008 Permalink  

    2008 Mock Draft v2.0 

    Over the course of the past month or so (yeah…it took that long!), we’ve been participating in another mock draft via e-mail. The draft was only four rounds and consisted of other fantasy football bloggers, including FF Librarian, FF Goat, FF Fools, Football Jabber, The Hazean, The Bruno Boys, West Coast Nonsense, Pancake Blocks, Football Burrito, Curveballs for Jesus and Football Outsiders. Here is how it went down (you’ll find analysis on the first round picks, as well as the rest of the rounds and analysis, after the jump)…

    Round 1
    1.01 Curveballs For Jesus: LaDainian Tomlinson (RB, SD)
    1.02 Football Outsiders: Adrian Peterson (RB, Min)
    1.03 Football Burrito: Joseph Addai (RB, Ind)
    1.04 Panake Blocks: Stephen Jackson (RB, StL)
    1.05 West Coast Nonsense: Brian Westbrook (RB, Phi)
    1.06 Bruno Boys: Tom Brady (QB, NE)
    1.07 The Hazean: Marion Barber (RB, Dal)
    1.08 Football Jabber: Frank Gore (RB, SF)
    1.09 Fantasy Football Fools: Clinton Portis (RB, Was)
    1.10 Fantasy Football Geek Blog: Marshawn Lynch (RB, Buf)
    1.11 Fantasy Football Goat: Larry Johnson (RB, KC)
    1.12 Fantasy Football Librarian: Randy Moss (WR, NE)

    (More …)

    • The Hazean 8:58 am on July 31, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Pretty good insight. Thanks for participating!

    • Marc from Bruno Boys 11:11 am on July 31, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Geek Blog,

      Nice draft recap. However, you failed to MENTION that this league REWARDS 6 POINTS for PASSING TOUCHDOWNS. This means that QB’s will be the highest point scorers in the league by a wide margain and the likes of grabbing a top tier guy like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Carson Palmer are a big need early on. Because outside of maybe 6 quarterbacks, there is a significant drop in products and touchdown passes.

      As for my Brandon Jacobs pick, it was a big of a stretch, but I am still fully supporting the pick. RBBC or not, Jacobs will be the guy getting the ball around the goaline and if anyone can post consistent fantasy numbers with just 15-20 carries a week it’s Jacobs. Plus, Tom Coughlin plans on getting him more involved in the passing game from te get-go (as he had 12 receptions over the final 4 weeks last year).

      Only time will tell how it all plays out..

      Owner, Bruno Boys Fantasy Football

    • Jacob from Fantasy Football Fools 2:35 pm on July 31, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I can’t argue with your analysis. I like switching it up between RB and WR in the first several rounds for 2008. Have to thank you for not talking Braylon Edwards. I would’ve been happy to take Grant there in the second round too though.

  • Matt 11:37 am on July 28, 2008 Permalink
    Tags: expert league   

    Update: Our expert league team 

    As previously mentioned, we’re members of the Fantasy Website Drunken Pirate Slapfight Expert League (got all that? You can check out the list of websites involved here). Drafting from 10th position in a 12-team league, here’s the squad we wound up with: (More …)

    • Brandon 11:49 am on July 28, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      With the weapons that Derek Anderson has at his disposal (including our own Braylon Edwards), for him to be a one hit wonder would take some serious regressions in his playing. I have faith that the Browns offense will be at least as good as they were last season and he will be leading the way.

  • Matt 12:31 pm on July 24, 2008 Permalink
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    ESPN Fantasy Football: A few features I like 

    ESPN appears to have revamped its fantasy football website significantly, and I like what I see. I’m moving my keeper league over from Fox Sports, a hassle I’m only undertaking because I’m so impressed. The layout is simple and easy on the eyes; the only comparably clean site out there is Yahoo’s, which I refuse to use because of the inflexibility of its waiver wire system.

    ESPN has clearly put a good deal of thought into how fantasy football players use their site. The best websites work so well that you don’t have to think about them – the next thing you’re looking to do is always right there waiting for you. This is the feeling I get on ESPN.com. While I liked Fox Sports because it offered all the features I need, moving from that cluttered, clunky interface to ESPN is like taking a breath of fresh air. (More …)

    • Brandon 2:11 pm on July 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      So far in terms of good looks and usability, I’d rank the following:

      1. Yahoo
      2. ESPN
      3. FOX
      4. EA Sports
      5. FleaFlicker (now that they’ve been bought by AOL, they need to invest SOME money in to the user interface on this site for sure!)

    • BSA 3:20 pm on July 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Ezal will win whiner award every week.

  • Brandon 11:00 pm on July 23, 2008 Permalink
    Tags: , queue,   

    Yahoo! Draft Room preview 

    In case you’re not one of those fantasy football addicts that can’t wait until your real league’s drafts to have a fantasy team in front of you…those who, like myself, annually sign up for a Yahoo! Public league team just so that you have something to look at for the month before your draft…I figured I’d provide you with a quick glimpse of the new and improved Yahoo fantasy football draft room:

    yahoo draft room

    As with most Yahoo fantasy football products, I think it looks nicer than any other draft room that’s offered (that I’ve seen at least). At the top of the dialog is a dynamic scrolling banner that shows which team is up to draft, along with the next teams to draft, which is pretty stylish. Below that you find a few other solid features, including an enlarged section that shows last years stats for the player you’ve currently selected, so you don’t have to venture out of the draft room to get that information. Next to the player names, you see a list where you can add players to your queue…nothing special here, but not bad either. Finally, the right side of the draft room consists of an overview of your team and a chat room. The team section is pretty well laid out and makes it easy to see exactly what your starting roster will be come the beginning of the season. Overall, I have to say that again Yahoo looks like it has the top draft room available. While it hasn’t really added any new features that I am aware of, besides maybe the bigger player stats section, they seemed to put all the focus in making it even more user friendly in terms of aesthetics and usability, which I really can’t complain about.

    In case you were interested about my team in this league, my important starters consist of Brian Westbrook, Earnest Graham/Reggie Bush, Braylon Edwards, Larry Fitzgerald and Kellen Winslow.

    • Kevin 7:45 pm on August 3, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      The first NFL game of the season starts in about 15 minutes. I know its just pre-saeson but HEY – we’re getting closer to FFB draft time. I found a cool service – Feet on the Street FFB….You dial in via your cell phone to access info before and during your draft: 585-627-4153

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