Mock draft v1.0

Over the past week or so, I have been participating in an eight team mock draft over e-mail, hosted by The teams were made up of people from different fantasy football blogs, including,,,, and The draft followed the standard serpentine format, with the basic scoring system being 6 points for RB/WR score and 4 points for a QB score. Below you can see the final team that we ended up with:

QB: Matt Hasselbeck, SEA
RB: Joseph Addai, IND
RB: Clinton Portis, WAS
WR: Larry Fitzgerald, ARI
WR: Roy Williams, DET
RB/WR: Reggie Bush, NO
TE: Antonio Gates, SD
DEF: Pittsburgh
Bench: Dwayne Bowe, WR, KC
Bench: Edgerrin James, RB, ARI
Bench: Deion Branch, WR, SEA
Bench: Javon Walker, WR, OAK

After the jump you can see the round-by-round results, as well as our commentary on the individual picks…

Round 1
1.01 FFLibrarian: LaDainian Tomlinson (RB, SD)
1.02 Dunn (FFBlog): Adrian Peterson (RB, Min)
1.03 FF Report: Brian Westbrook (RB, Phi)
1.04 Chris (FFBlog): Stephen Jackson (RB, StL)
1.05 FFGeekBlog: Joseph Addai (RB, Ind)
1.06 WestCoastNonsense: Tom Brady (QB, NE)
1.07 PortlandSportsman: Randy Moss (WR, NE)
1.08 Tim (FFBlog): Larry Johnson (RB, KC)

The top five picks went as expected, but I was pleased to get Addai with the fifth pick, as I consider him the third best back in the draft. As you can see, the record setting Patriots offense definitely had an affect on this draft, with Brady and Moss going 6th and 7th respectively. With the scoring system awarding only 4 points for a passing touchdown, and the expectations that Brady will not match his totals from last year, I have to say that Brady went a bit early here.

Round 2

2.01 Tim (FFBlog): Peyton Manning (QB, Ind)
2.02 Portland Sportsman: Marion Barber (RB, Dal)
2.03 West Coast Nonsense: Frank Gore (RB, SF)
2.04 FFGeekBlog: Clinton Portis (RB, Was)
2.05 Chris (FFBlog): Ryan Grant (RB, GB)
2.06 FF Report: Marshawn Lynch (RB, Buf)
2.07 Dunn (FFBlog): Terrell Owens (WR, Dal)
2.08 FFLibrarian: Willis McGahee (RB, Bal)

As with the first round, a quarterback going early in a league that only awards 4 points per passing touchdown is a bit risky, especially since the record setting days of Peyton Manning seem to be behind us. Getting Portis with the 12th pick overall was another choice I was quite happy with…nothing wrong with an Addai/Portis backfield! Ryan Grant with the 13th pick might have been a stretch, but if he continues to build on what he did last season, it’ll be well worth the gamble.

Round 3

3.01 FFLibrarian: Reggie Wayne (WR, Ind)
3.02 Dunn (FFBlog): Jamal Lewis (RB, Cle)
3.03 FF Report: Braylon Edwards (WR, Cle)
3.04 Chris (FFBlog): Andre Johnson (WR, Hou)
3.05 FFGeekBlog: Larry Fitzgerald (WR, AZ)
3.06 WestCoastNonsense: Steve Smith (WR, Car)
3.07 PortlandSportsman: Maurice Jones-Drew (RB, Jax)
3.08 Tim (FFBlog): Ronnie Brown (RB, Mia)

Nothing too surprising in this round, but it’s interesting to see where Steve Smith and Ronnie Brown went. If Smith can return to form now that he’s re-united with quarterback Jake Delhomme, and Brown can return to his pre-injury form from last year, these will both turn out to be great picks. Having a solid backfield, I chose to go for the top receiver on the board, which happened to be Larry Fitzgerald.

Round 4

4.01 Tim (FFBlog): T.J. Housh (WR, Cin)
4.02 Portland Sportsman: Tony Romo (QB, Dal)
4.03 West Coast Nonsense: Willie Parker (RB, Pit)
4.04 FFGeekBlog: Antonio Gates (TE, SD)
4.05 Chris (FFBlog): Marques Colston (WR, NO)
4.06 FF Report: Laurence Maroney (RB, NE)
4.07 Dunn (FFBlog): Drew Brees (QB, NO)
4.08 FFLibrarian: Chad Johnson (WR, Cin)

In an eight team league, at this point I figured it was safe to take the top tight end on the board, as I’d still have ample opportunities to draft some solid wide outs to accompany Fitz, so I went with Gates. As for the other picks, I’ve heard rumors that New England could rely more on the running game this year, with Maroney getting additional touches, which might make him a good pick here. However, Sammy Morris should be returning and it could turn into a running back by committee, which
won’t help anyone.

Round 5

5.01 FFLibrarian: Anquan Boldin (WR, AZ)
5.02 Dunn (FFBlog): Jason Witten (TE, Dal)
5.03 FF Report: Plaxico Burress (WR, NYG)
5.04 Chris (FFBlog): Brandon Jacobs (RB, NYG)
5.05 FFGeekBlog: Reggie Bush (RB, NO)
5.06 WestCoastNonsense: Brandon Marshall (WR, Den)
5.07 PortlandSportsman: Greg Jennings (WR, GB)
5.08 Tim (FFBlog): Darren McFadden (RB, Oak)

There goes Darren McFadden, last pick in the fifth round of an eight team draft. Probably the highest risk/reward pick of the draft so far…a risk I’m not willing to take. Justin Fargas was solid last year, so I see no reason why Oakland would completely abandon him and give DMC all the carries. Then again, I’m not part of the Raiders coaching staff, so who knows what will happen. If he’s Adrian Peterson part 2, then it might pay off. I went with Reggie Bush in this round, figuring that if he can improve on his 998 combined yards and 6 touchdowns from last season, then he’ll make a pretty solid 5th round pick and a perfect candidate for the RB/WR position.

Round 6

6.01 Tim (FFBlog): Torry Holt (WR, StL)
6.02 Portland Sportsman: Rudi Johnson (RB, Cin)
6.03 West Coast Nonsense: Wes Welker (WR, NE)
6.04 FFGeekBlog: Roy Williams (WR, Det)
6.05 Chris (FFBlog): Carson Palmer (QB, Cin)
6.06 FF Report: Ben Roethlisberger (QB, Pit)
6.07 Dunn (FFBlog): Michael Turner (RB, Atl)
6.08 FFLibrarian: Earnest Graham (RB, TB)

I’m definitely not a Rudi Johnson fan this year after having him on a team last season, but I guess grabbing him in the sixth round might be worth the risk. I again went for the top receiver to fill out the last starting RB or WR spot on the roster with Roy Williams. Although he’s aging a bit and Calvin Johnson is on the rise, I think Williams should have one more solid season in him before completely handing the spot off to Johnson, but we’ll have to wait and see. Michael Turner makes his non-handcuff debut on a fantasy football draft this year, selected with the 47th pick of the draft.

Round 7

7.01 FFLibrarian: Derek Anderson (QB, Cle)
7.02 Dunn (FFBlog): Santonio Holmes (WR, Pit)
7.03 FF Report: LenDale White (RB, Ten)
7.04 Chris (FFBlog): Kellen Winslow (TE, Cle)
7.05 FFGeekBlog: Dwayne Bowe (WR, KC)
7.06 WestCoastNonsense: Jonathan Stewart (RB, Car)
7.07 PortlandSportsman: Tony Gonzalez (TE, KC)
7.08 Tim (FFBlog): Chris Cooley (TE, Was)

I was eying Derek Anderson for this round, but that sneaky librarian snagged him with the first pick of the seventh round. If he can at least match his production last season, he’ll be a solid quarterback to lead any fantasy team into battle. With my quarterback gone, and just in case Roy Williams got hurt or something this year, I figured I’d go with another receiver for insurance. Bowe had a breakout rookie campaign and I’m expecting more big things from him this season (hopefully no sophomore slump!) Note the quality of tight ends that are available this late in the draft…don’t go overboard trying to draft one early if you miss out on the Gates/Witten sweepstakes.

Round 8

8.01 Tim (FFBlog): Minnesota (Def)
8.02 Portland Sportsman: Calvin Johnson (WR, Det)
8.03 West Coast Nonsense: Dallas Clark (TE, Ind)
8.04 FFGeekBlog: Matt Hasselbeck (QB, Sea)
8.05 Chris (FFBlog): Donovan McNabb (QB, Phi)
8.06 FF Report: Jerry Porter (WR, Jax)
8.07 Dunn (FFBlog): San Diego (Def)
8.08 FFLibrarian: Todd Heap (TE, Bal)

At this point I have to say the draft goes into unpredictability mode. Calvin Johnson could be a steal here, but Jerry Porter is too much of a mystery for me to feel comfortable taking him this high in the draft. I figured I’d go with the top quarterback on the board at this point and took Hasselbeck. We had to have a DEF, so that explains why defenses started flying off the board this early in the draft.

Round 9

9.01 FFLibrarian: Thomas Jones (RB, NYJ)
9.02 Dunn (FFBlog): Matt Forte (RB, Chi)
9.03 FF Report: New England (Def)
9.04 Chris (FFBlog): Lee Evans (WR, Buf)
9.05 FFGeekBlog: Edgerrin James (RB, AZ)
9.06 WestCoastNonsense: Roddy White (WR, Atl)
9.07 PortlandSportsman: Julius Jones (RB, Sea)
9.08 Tim (FFBlog): Bernard Berrian (WR, Min)

Edge as your fourth running back, taken in the 9th round? Sounded like a steal to me. Addai, Portis, Bush and Edge…how can you complain there. Lot’s of question marks on the other picks in this round though. Will Forte be better then Cedric Benson was in Chicago? Can Roddy White produce with a new quarterback in Atlanta? Will Julius Jones run better in Seattle than he did in Dallas? Can Tarvaris Jackson throw the ball good enough to allow Berrian to produce in Minnesota? There’s some risk with those picks, but the reward from a 9th round pick is probably worth it.

Round 10

10.01 Tim (FFBlog): Chris Chambers (WR, SD)
10.02 Portland Sportsman: Eli Manning (QB, NYG)
10.03 West Coast Nonsense: Selvin Young (RB, Den)
10.04 FFGeekBlog: Deion Branch (WR, Sea)
10.05 Chris (FFBlog): Kevin Smith (RB, Det)
10.06 FF Report: Tony Scheffler (TE, Den)
10.07 Dunn (FFBlog): Marvin Harrison (WR, Ind)
10.08 FFLibrarian: Jay Cutler (QB, Den)

As long as the Broncos don’t switch running backs two or three times this season, Selvin Young is a steal here in the run happy Denver offense. If Marvin Harrison can return from injury to be even 80% of what he was at his best, he’ll be a great pick here. Kevin Smith was an interesting pick, as no Detroit running back has run well in years. I’m not sure a rookie will change that trend, but we’ll see. As for my pick, I had originally assumed that Deion Branch would be back and ready to assume the role of the number one receiver in the offense at the start of the season, so I thought I had a solid pick here. It turns out that he may not be ready for around a month into the season, which makes this my worst pick of the draft.

Round 11

11.01 FFLibrarian: Chicago (Def)
11.02 Dunn (FFBlog): Rashard Mendenhall (RB, Pit)
11.03 FF Report: David Garrard (QB, Jax)
11.04 Chris (FFBlog): Seattle (Def)
11.05 FFGeekBlog: Pittsburgh (Def)
11.06 WestCoastNonsense: Matt Schaub (QB, Hou)
11.07 PortlandSportsman: Dallas (Def)
11.08 Tim (FFBlog): Marc Bulger (QB, StL)

At this point I figured I’d grab the top defense on the board with only one more pick left, so Pittsburgh it was. Mendenhall was an interesting pick here, considering he wasn’t even a handcuff to Willie Parker (who was selected by another team). Unless Parker gets hurt, Mendenhall doesn’t have much value, as he’ll most likely be the goal line vulture until given more opportunities.

Round 12

12.01 Tim (FFBlog): Fred Taylor (RB, Jax)
12.02 Portland Sportsman: Deuce McAllister (RB, NO)
12.03 West Coast Nonsense: Indianapolis (Def)
12.04 FFGeekBlog: Javon Walker (Oak, WR)
12.05 Chris (FFBlog): Jeremy Shockey (TE, NYG)
12.06 FF Report: Ted Ginn Jr. (WR, Mia)
12.07 Dunn (FFBlog): Santana Moss (WR, Was)
12.08 FFLibrarian: Laveraneus Coles (WR, NYJ)

The last round wasn’t all that exciting and I had already filled out the most important parts of my roster, so I went with a low risk (12th round), high reward pick with Javon Walker. If he is fully healed from his Las Vegas mugging and JaMarcus Russell decides to make him his favorite receiver, I expect many a deep ball to be hurled his way. Fred Taylor in the 12th round could pay off big as well.

So there you have it, the results of our first mock draft of the season. Although it was only eight teams, it still gives you some idea of where players will go in your draft. Although I might be a bit biased, I think my team ended up being one of the top two in the draft (maybe behind FFLibrarian…but not by much!)