Update: Our expert league team

As previously mentioned, we’re members of the Fantasy Website Drunken Pirate Slapfight Expert League (got all that? You can check out the list of websites involved here). Drafting from 10th position in a 12-team league, here’s the squad we wound up with:

QB: Derek Anderson
Backups: Brett Favre, Jeff Garcia

Thoughts: Favre could be a hell of a QB2 if he gets traded (which now appears to be the most likely outcome, landing him on the Bucs or Jets) – or do I mean QB1? I like Anderson, but Brandon’s a bigger believer in him than am I; that pick was all Brandon. If he shows signs of being a one-year wonder, that Favre pick could save our season.

RB1: Joseph Addai
RB2: Maurice Jones-Drew

Backups: Chris Johnson, Ricky Williams, Dominic Rhodes

Thoughts: Addai and MJD are a pretty solid 1-2 punch. I love Chris Johnson as an RB3. Ricky was a value pick in the 9th – name another running back you can get nine rounds in who has a 50% workshare and a shot at feature back status if his counterpart’s knee proves to be less than 100%. Rhodes is our Addai handcuff, happy to have him aboard.

WR1: Braylon Edwards
WR2: Wes Welker
WR3: Kevin Curtis
Backups: Sidney Rice, James Hardy, Justin Gage

Thoughts: Anderson-to-Edwards is a primo hookup (even though I don’t advocate drafting for hookups, it’s undeniably fun to own one). Welker could be a WR1. Curtis is fine at WR3. Rice and Hardy are both high-risk, high-reward. Gage… meh. Best option available in the 15th round, needed a little more depth.

TE: Jason Witten
Backup: Dustin Keller

Thoughts: I think it’s difficult to overstate Jason Witten’s value at the TE position. I think he bests Gates by 200 yards this season.

DEF: Giants
K: Stephen Gostkowski

Thoughts: For someone like me who puts zero emphasis on DEF or K, it’s pretty nice to wind up with top-notch options at both, especially K.

I’m pretty pumped about this squad. Solid mix of high-risk, high-reward players (MJD, Favre, Ricky Williams, Chris Johnson) and sure bets (Addai, Witten, Braylon Edwards, Welker). Favre and Ricky Williams weren’t in any way players we were targeting, but they fell so far (12th and 9th rounds, respectively) that they were actually good value picks. I love our receivers, and Jason Witten’s the icing on the cake – with the Cowboys lining him up wide in preseason drills, I think he’s capable of a Colston-in-2006 type of season.