Random thoughts on tonight's preseason games 

  • Just turned on the Carolina vs Philadelphia game…after barely playing at all last week, Delhomme is not having the type of game (2/4 for 18 yards) so far that makes me want to run out and draft him as my starting quarterback. Although he’s only had 4 attempts, the offense in general looks uninspired and like something that I want to stay away from going into my upcoming drafts.
  • Eagles wide receiver Reggie Brown left the game with some kind of hamstring injury, but no news on the severity yet. Rookie DeSean Jackson is now lined up opposite Kevin Curtis, so we should get a good look at him. He already has one catch for 11 yards.
  • The Eagles / Panthers game was looking like a real barn burner (note: sarcasm)…and now it’s delayed due to bad weather…awesome!
  • Looking at the stats to the Bills / Steelers game, seems as if that should be the game that’s on TV, as there seems to be a little more action (Buffalo is leading 14-7 at half). (More …)