Alex Smith out, J.T. O'Sullivan starting week 1 

As had been recently anticipated given O’Sullivan’s (hereinafter “Sully”) unexpectedly decent preseason, head coach Mike Nolan’s lack of trust in Smith, and Sully’s understanding of the Martz system, the 49ers have done what was near-unthinkable a month ago and promoted a 29-year-old journeyman QB over the 2005 #1 overall draft pick. Smith had been thought of by some as a sleeper pick this season, but unless the Sully experiment tanks quickly, you can forget about him having any fantasy impact this season. As for Sully himself, I’m skeptical and frankly wouldn’t draft him, period. Too many unknowns, too many known negatives – most notably San Fran’s subpar receivers – and too many other, better options for late-round backup QBs.