How I build my cheat sheets 

For most fantasy football players, a cheat sheet isn’t something you build, it’s something you find in a fantasy football magazine or on the Web somewhere and bring with you to the draft. While this approach certainly saves a lot of time, it puts you at a serious disadvantage to anyone in your league who took the time to put together their own sheets. A custom-built cheat sheet can take into account the specific rules of your league, such as QB touchdown scoring (4 points each or 6?) and whether your league awards a point for each reception (in which case you’d increase the value of the WR position and target running backs who catch the ball often). Most importantly, as you put your sheet together, you’ll be constantly learning about the players you’re ranking, and you’ll show up on draft day with a true understanding of the decisions you’re making. Really, how much satisfaction do you get at the end of a draft when you look at your team and realize that every player you own is there because someone else told you to pick them?

This is the process I use for building my cheat sheets. It doesn’t have to take an extraordinary amount of time – you can really invest as little or as much energy as you want into it. This is simply a framework to help you get started; where you go with it from here is up to you. (More …)