Get fantasy football info on your cell phone or mobile device

As the mobile Web continues to mature, the fantasy football world is slowly finding ways to migrate from your PC to your pocket. Most of the major fantasy football providers now offer mobile access in some (usually limited, but improving) fashion. If you like the idea of on-the-go access to your fantasy teams as well as important player updates and other news, here are some resources to help you stay connected to fantasy football wherever you are.

  • Cell phone with football coming out of it, like whoa man, whoaYahoo! has announced that it will offer a mobile version of its fantasy football service for free starting this season. It isn’t available yet, but it’ll probably kick in once the regular season starts.
  • CBS Sportsline players can access their teams and set their lineups for free via their mobile phones using their Fantasy Football Companion.
  • ESPN lets you manage your team on your phone, but only if you’re a Verizon VCAST VPAK subscriber, whatever that is. Lame.
  • Got an iPhone? Forget about bringing reams of paper to your next draft – just download Fantasy Football Draft Central ’08 or Fantasy Football Cheatsheet ’08, two cheap ($1 and $2, respectively) apps that take the place of cheat sheets. I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t vouch for how well they work, but MacWorld’s got a review of both.
  • offers a mobile version which attempts to manage all of your teams, regardless of what websites you play on, from one central place. In my experience, though, it hasn’t worked too well; it looks like it’s been in alpha for years.
  • Got a Sprint phone? The NFL has partnered with Sprint to offer exclusive content to their customers. This is the kind of thing where you hate to see exclusive relationships. But hey, we already knew that the NFL loves to screw fans; witness the NFL Network debacle where millions of people were blacked out of Thursday-night games.
  • Finally, a shameless plug – this website is optimized for mobile websites, so check us out on the go at