Willis McGahee and Bobby Engram out for a while with injuries

I had originally buried this news in my latest update on the preseason games over the weekend, but I figured it was important enough to break out into it’s own post, so here you go…

  • Willis McGahee has decided to undergo arthroscopic surgery on his knee, with the hope that he can return for the start of the season. The fact that he’ll miss nearly an entire month of practice and preseason games is a bit worrisome and is reason enough for us to drop him down a few slots on the power rankings. It also makes backup Ray Rice all that more important as a handcuff for McGahee owners.
  • For all of you who were targeting Bobby Engram in your draft, think again. Engram left Friday’s preseason game with a shoulder injury and it turns out that he has a broken bone in his shoulder and will miss six to eight weeks. He’s no spring chicken, so there’s no guarantee that he’ll even be back and ready to go that early. Even if he does though, that means he’ll still miss the first two to four games of the season, moving him down quite a bit on our wide receiver power rankings, while Nate Burleson moves up a bit (just like when we found out that his other teammate Deion Branch would be out for some extended time).
  • In other news, tonight we will see the beginning of the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay, as the Packers take on the Cincinnati Bengals in the final game of week 1 in the preseason. What better way to prove yourself to all the doubters than to go up against what was one of the worst pass defenses in the league last year?