Ask the Geeks – Week 1: Cutler or Rodgers?

Atg ButtonWith week one of the regular season right around the corner, it’s time to reply to our first Ask the Geeks questions of the month. Feel free to use the Ask the Geeks button located on our left sidebar to send your own questions to us throughout the entire season, with questions regarding who to start, who to pick up, or anything else you can think of regarding fantasy football. So here goes…

Wendy asks: I already have a dilemma the first week. My league starts two QB’s. I’m starting Brees. Scoring: 1PPR; 1 pt. per 10 yds. passing & rushing; 6 pts. TD. ¬†Who is my best #2?

Cutler @ Oakland (no Marshall, will that hurt him too much?) OR Rodgers vs. Minnesota (Packers got lots of passing yds. against them last year, but that was Favre; will Rodgers be eaten for lunch on MNF?) Thanks!

Brandon’s take: Although I’m a Patriots fan, for some reason (maybe it’s because I share the name of their star receiver!) the Broncos are my favorite fantasy football team. This year I expect huge things from Jay Cutler, as he’s figured out his diabetes and seems to be ready to rock ‘n roll (30/43 for 352 yards and 3 TD this preseason.) Even without Brandon Marshall, newly acquired receivers Darrell Jackson and rookie Eddie Royal, plus Brandon Stokley, Glenn Martinez and tight end Tony Scheffler should provide all the targets Cutler needs to put up solid fantasy stats. Rodgers on the other hand is an unknown quantity at this point, with this being his first official start, the game being on Monday Night Football, and it being against the top rated defense in the NFL (even if they were horrendous at stopping the pass last year.) The Vikings made it a point to drastically improve their pass defense in the offseason, with the acquisition of pass rusher extrordinaire Jarred Allen, and also using three draft picks to boost the squad. Go with Cutler until you have some clue what you’re getting with Rodgers.

Matt’s take: I’m with Brandon on this one. Rodgers could very easily put up a goose-egg for all we know about him at this point, whereas Cutler has a ton of upside, Marshall or no Marshall.

Tony asks: Redraft league…I picked up D. Anderson, and K. Warner off the waiver wire (no I don’t get why he was dropped) and already have Garrard. What two QB’s should I stick with (6pts for TD .05 for yards)?

Brandon’s take: You picked up Derek Anderson off the waiver wire? I’m far more baffled by that than I am by the fact that you picked up Kurt Warner. Anyways, as you can see by our quarterback power rankings, Derek Anderson is a top 10 quarterback this year and there’s no way you’re not keeping him on your roster. The real question should be whether to drop Kurt Warner or David Garrard, but since Warner is getting up there in age and there’s no guarantee that he’ll be starting all season long, I’ll recommend that you keep (and start) Anderson and Garrard. In case you weren’t aware, Anderson threw for 3787 yards and 29 touchdowns last season, which were amazing MVP-quality stats. The only problem was that one Mr. Tom Brady decided to play out of his mind and ruin it for all the other players who had “normal” great years.

Matt’s take: If possible, keep all three – they all have question marks (though Anderson’s a pretty safe bet), and they all have the potential to be solid QB1s. If your bench is small, I’d drop Garrard. Considering his receiving corps, performance history in that offense, and the obvious faith the coaches have in him, I think he’s worth the risk that he’ll get hurt or demoted. But if you’d rather play it safe with your QB2 (boooooring), take Brandon’s advice.

Jeanne asks: I have to choose two RBs (Laurence Maroney, Felix Jones, Jamal Lewis or Chris Perry) and one TE (Benjamin Watson or Dallas Clark). What are your thoughts?

Brandon’s take: I think your running back decision is fairly simply based solely on experience. Felix Jones is a rookie and will be backing up Marion Barber, while Chris Perry has only started a few games in his career and will most likely be sharing a lot of his carries with backup Kenny Watson. Maroney and Lewis are the guys you want in your lineup this week. As for tight end, I’m liking Dallas Clark against a suspect Bears defense (at least they were last season) and wouldn’t be surprised to see Clark find the endzone, while earning your team around 10 points or so.

Matt’s take: Maroney and Lewis are the no-brainer picks here since they’re your only RBs who will be handling the majority of the team’s rushing workload. I like Clark a lot this week and consider him a top-5 start for week 1.