Ask the Geeks – Week 2

Atg ButtonWith week one of the NFL season in the books, it’s time to take a look at some of the dilemma’s that fantasy team managers are facing this week. Remember, you can use the Ask the Geeks button located on our left sidebar to send your own questions to us throughout the entire season, with questions regarding who to start, who to pick up, or anything else you can think of regarding fantasy football. Anyways, here we go…

Alex asks: I need advice on who to start for week 2. Anthony Gonzalez or Donald Lee? Please reply ASAP!

Brandon’s take: Alex, before checking the stats on this one, my immediate reaction was to recommend Anthony Gonzalez. If you have a WR/TE slot in your league, it should almost always be filled with a wide receiver unless you have two top tier tight ends for some reason. After checking the stats, it further supports my initial thoughts. Donald Lee had three catches last week for a meager 10 yards, while Anthony Gonzalez showed that he’s becoming an important part of the Colts passing game with five catches for 48 yards. Both players go up against less than stellar pass defenses this week, but the fact that Gonzalez is A) a receiver and B) is more involved with his team’s passing game makes him the logical choice here.

P.S. In case you meant Donald Driver though, I’d still go with Gonzalez.

Matt’s take: I’d also go with Gonzalez. Aaron Rodgers didn’t have too many problems passing the ball against the Vikings last week, so I’d anticipate that Peyton will have a nice game. Gonzalez is clearly part of the Colts’ game plan, so he’ll get his share as long as Peyton does his part.