Ask the Geeks – Week 4

Atg ButtonWell it’s week four and many of you are probably feeling the effect of poor planning when you took three starters that all had the same bye week (don’t worry…you’re not alone!) Anyways, hopefully we can offer you some advice to get you past the bye week blues and maintain your first place spot in the standings…

Wendy asks: Hey Geeks, I need help picking my #2 wr for week 4. I am playing Cotchery. I can pick up one of these guys off waivers. Who is the best option?

Chad Johnson vs. Cleveland (huge game vs. them last year, but is injury keeping him from breaking out?)
Torry Holt vs. Buffalo  (is he worth a shot with trent green the new qb?)
Donald Driver vs. TB
Antonio Bryant vs. GB
Brandon Lloyd vs. Philadelphia


Brandon’s take: Hey Wendy, although the stats go against what I’m saying, I have to believe that Mr. Cinco is ready for a break out week. Cleveland hasn’t been known as a defensive powerhouse and Ocho Cinco (the man formerly known as Chad Johnson) is apparently feeling good enough to ditch the shoulder support he was wearing in previous weeks. I think Antonio Bryant is more of a one hit wonder, while Brandon Lloyd and Donald Driver are going against tough defenses. Torry Holt could be in for a long day with Bulger now out of the lineup. Go with Ocho Cinco…the ultimate high risk, high reward play.

Ali asks: I’ve got Ben Roth as my starting QB going up against the Ravens … and Jon Kitna on the bench during a bye week…i’m thinking about dropping Kitna and picking up another back up to start instead of Ben, do you recommend any of the following or would you stick with Ben:

*Derek Anderson
*David Garrard
*Kerry Collins
*Gus Ferotte
*JaMarcus Russell
*Kyle Orton
*Matt Ryan


Brandon’s take: Ali, you and everyone else that is a Big Ben owner (me included!) is in a bind this week as he goes up against the top defense in the league. As you will soon see, Big Ben makes my “Dud” list for the week and if Kitna wasn’t on a bye, I would definitely tell you to start him…but there in lies your dilemma. I would tell you to pick up Derek Anderson if it was early 2008, but it’s funny how a few weeks of the regular season can change your mind. Anderson is close to getting a front row seat to his own team’s games (i.e. the bench), so I wouldn’t recommend you make any huge sacrifices to get him. However, if you can drop someone else that you have no ties to, pick up Anderson and give him one last hoorah against a bad Cincinnati defense (but keep Kitna). Otherwise, I’d recommend you just stick it out with Roethlisberger. I can’t see any of those other quarterbacks performing better than Kitna over the course of the rest of the season.