Didn't draft a decent defense? No worries…

…just pick up Buffalo for week 2, Indy for week 3, and Houston for week 4. What do those three teams all have in common? They’re Jacksonville’s next three opponents.

The Jaguars’ offensive line can only be described using a favorite word of Jon Stewart’s which starts with cluster and rhymes with duck (this is a family show, OK?). They lost one starting guard for the season and another for a couple of months (and possibly also for the season) on Sunday. They’re already without their starting center for the next few weeks. One backup tackle got shot last week; the other’s been out for two years with a broken leg and just signed last week.

Worst of all for the Jags, their offense is as dependent upon the o-line as any in the league. The Jags are the type of team that wants to pound the ball down your throat on every play. When they can’t do that, you get what happened on Sunday: Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew combined for 31 rushing yards. David Garrard was sacked seven times. The Jags scored just 10 points and lost a game they would have easily won before all the injuries.

For the next few weeks, expect the Jags’ offense to continue to flounder, and that can only mean good things for the fantasy defenses that get to play them.