More Ask the Geeks – Week 2

We received a couple more good questions, so without further ado…

Hayes asks: Eddie Royal or Santonio Holmes for week 2 in my 12 man PPR league? Braylon Edwards is my WR1.

Matt’s take: Can’t say I expected to ever be asked this question. While Royal did have a monster game last week and I’m sure you have visions of a repeat performance dancing in your head, don’t expect him to put up too many 100-yard games this season. Cutler obviously loves throwing to Royal and I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to put up WR3 or even WR2-type numbers for the rest of the season, but Brandon Marshall returns this week and will probably be Cutler’s favorite target for the rest of the season. Santonio Holmes is a top-end WR2 or low-end WR1, especially this week against Cleveland, and is undoubtedly the better start.

Tony asks: Trade proposal in a non ppr league: Tomlinson & Calvin Johnson for Bush and Randy Moss.  The rest of the team looks like this: Bush, MJD, Chris Johnson, McGahee, Moss, Galloway, Welker, S. Rice. What do you think given the injuries on the two principles and the QB situation in NE?

Matt’s take: Do. Not. Pull. The. Trigger. Are you kidding, man? Reggie Bush is two or three tiers lower than Tomlinson in value, and won’t give you anywhere close to the consistency that LT will. And while I like Moss more than Calvin Johnson even without Brady, the difference isn’t huge any more, and Johnson has enormous upside. No friggin’ way would I make this trade.

Update: Tony e-mailed me and the trade is actually in the other direction. Luckily for Tony!