Ravens vs Texans game rescheduled

Due to Hurricane Ike, the game between the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans has been postponed to week 10, meaning that the Ravens and Texans have an emergency bye week this week (click here to get the full description of the rescheduling and how it affects even the Bengals). Anyways, make sure these players (and all others that you might consider playing on these two teams) find a nice cozy spot on your bench:

  • Matt Schaub, QB, HOU
  • Andre Johnson, WR, HOU
  • Kevin Walter, WR, HOU
  • Ahman Green, RB, HOU
  • Steve Slaton, RB, HOU
  • Owen Daniels, TE, HOU
  • Willis McGahee, RB, BAL
  • Ray Rice, RB, BAL
  • Derrick Mason, WR, BAL
  • Todd Heap, TE, BAL