Sell high, buy low: Trade ideas for week 3 2008

Sell high, buy lowIf you team needs some help and you’re looking to make a trade to bolster a position, here’s a list of players to look for and work into those deals this week. Players listed under Sell High are overvalued – meaning that I think they’re performing at a level they won’t be able to maintain throughout the season, and thus are ripe to be traded away while their value is still high. Those listed under Buy Low are the ones to look for on other peoples’ teams – hopefully their owners are discouraged by their poor performance thus far, and will trade them away for a song.

This column will get progressively longer as the season continues; right now, with only two games for us to look at, players’ trade values are still very much up in the air.

Sell High

Kurt Warner, QB, Arizona: Arizona’s had an easy road so far (49ers and Fins), and Warner’s a top-5 fantasy QB if you look at his points alone. He’ll probably stay solid, but keep in mind that Arizona still says that Matt Leinart is their QB of the future, so if he has a few subpar games in a row (hardly a far-fetched scenario), he risks being benched and losing all of his value. If you can afford to pawn him off on someone who’s desperate for QB help now, make the move.

Willie Parker, RB, Pittsburgh: Parker has put up some nice numbers – against Houston and Cleveland. Note that while he did rush for 105 yards against the Browns, it took him 28 carries to get those yards – an average of 3.8 YPC. The Steelers’ schedule is chock-full of tough defensive teams, and Rashard Mendenhall lurks, little-used for now, but that could always change. Next three opponents: Philly, Baltimore and Jacksonville. If you were thinking about trading him, better do it now.

Buy Low

Carson Palmer, QB, CincinattiBARGAIN OF THE WEEK – If there were ever an opportunity to get a quarterback as good as Palmer on your team for dirt cheap, this is it. You and I know that the wind was mostly to blame for Carson’s poor numbers last Sunday – but that doesn’t mean that his owner in your league does. If he or she is fed up with Palmer, pounce. He’s still Carson Palmer, and he’s still got Ocho Cinco and Houshmanzilly. Think Drew Brees from last year.

Jake Delhomme, QB, Carolina: Is the Delhomme owner in your league someone who would know a) that Steve Smith returns from his suspension this week and b) what a difference there has historically been in Delhomme’s numbers when he has Smith to throw the ball to? If not, try offering up a multi-player trade with Delhomme as an apparent afterthought in the deal.

LaDainian Tomlinson: If you’re a Tomlinson owner, what backup Darren Sproles was able to do while filling in for LT (317 total yards) shouldn’t discourage you, it should excite you. It means that the San Diego rushing attack is as dangerous as ever, and when LT’s toe gets better, he’s going to be the one who gets to take advantage of it. The toe injury sounds painful, but it’s doubtful that it will bother him for more than a couple more games. If there’s any way you can wrest LT from the grasp of a naive and disappointed owner, do it now, because it won’t be long before Tomlinson is doing his best Darren Sproles impression (snort).