Sell High, Buy Low: Trade ideas for Week 6 2008 

Last week, I suggested selling high on Kurt Warner (who clearly saved his job for at least one more week by tearing up a dejected Bills defense) and Earnest Graham (who perfectly illustrated my point about his lack of carries being a problem by rushing for just 59 yards on ten carries – a nice average, but a crappy fantasy performance). I advised you to buy low on Calvin Johnson (who remains a buy-low candidate after a very weak day, though the Lions are apparently even worse than I thought they were) and Peyton Manning (who put up respectable numbers – mostly thanks to Sage “Will Never, Ever Be Trusted Again” Rosenfels).

The general consensus on the value of the following players is just plain wrong, which makes them ripe to trade away (if they’re overvalued) or try to pick up (if they’re undervalued).

Sell High

LaDainian Tomlinson – I’d been holding out hope, but it’s officially time to stop the bleeding and trade him away. The clincher for me came in an interview he gave yesterday in which he talked about his injured toe: “You can’t get it better in one week. There is no such thing; nobody can. If you are injured, you are injured. One week is not going to help. If you take one week off, you might as well take three weeks off.” Translation: Expect plenty of subpar games over the rest of the season. Trade him before memory of his two recent multi-TD games fades; I don’t expect a whole lot more of those the rest of the way. The LT name alone should fetch some nice value in return. (More …)