Sell High, Buy Low: Trade ideas for Week 9, 2008 

SellbuyIf your team needs some help and you’re looking to make a trade to bolster a position, here’s a list of players to look for and work into those deals this week. Players listed under Sell High are overvalued – meaning that I think they’re performing at a level they won’t be able to maintain throughout the season, and thus are ripe to be traded away while their value is still high. Those listed under Buy Low are the ones to look for on other peoples’ teams – hopefully their owners are discouraged by their poor performance thus far, and will trade them away for a song.

Sell High

Bernard Berrian, WR, MIN – He’s had three straight games with 80+ yards and a score – against three of the worst teams in the league at stopping the pass (New Orleans allows the 6th-most passing yards per game, Detroit the 2nd-most, and Chicago the 4th-most). Frerotte-to-Berrian isn’t exactly an unstoppable force, and the minute opposing defenses decide to pay closer attention to Berrian (probably starting about now), this connection’s going to fizzle. 

David Garrard, QB, JAC – Poor David Garrard. Just when he finally develops some chemistry with a receiver (Matt Jones), it looks like he’ll probably lose him to suspension fairly soon. While Jones is gone for three weeks (whether it starts this week or next), expect Garrard to revert to his early-season form, when he was averaging well under 200 yards and rarely threw for a score. (More …)