Ask the Geeks – Week 5

Atg ButtonHere are our responses to the first couple of questions for the week. Remember, you can always ask us questions by clicking the Ask the Geeks logo on the left sidebar (or this link).

Jeff asks: I am in a league where QB TDs count as 6 points. My current QBs are Garrard, Bulger and Griese. I have been offered Aaron Rodgers and Jacksonville DEF for my Tennessee DEF. Should I make the trade?

Brandon’s take: Jeff, I’m not all that high on your quarterbacks right now and having Rodgers in there (assuming he’s healthy) would be a pretty decent upgrade. However, I just took a look at my league and the difference in fantasy points between the Titans and Jags is pretty staggering. Tennessee leads the NFL with 66 fantasy points through four weeks, while Jacksonville only has 23…a difference of 43 points (over 10 a week!) Looking at the schedules of both “players” (Rodgers/Titans), the Titans seem to have the easier road ahead. I also think David Garrard will rebound from a rough first couple games (he did alright last week) and should hold down your quarterback position. In short, don’t make the trade. Keep the Titans and have faith in Garrard.

Matt’s take: What are you doing with Bulger still on your roster? I don’t think Rodgers is necessarily a huge upgrade from Garrard, especially since Garrard’s numbers will only improve as his o-line slowly returns to health.

James asks: Hey guys I love your site and visit it daily because its very useful while simple and not over done. I need some trade advice.  I feel I have the best team in my league, my team started 2-0 but I faced Ronnie Brown wk 3 and lost by 6. Then this week I lost by 2 and had my three highest scorers for the week on the bench (Farve, Chris Johnson, and Steven Jackson).

Anyways the league settings are 2 RBs, 2 WRs and a flex RB/WR. I feel I am loaded at RB with Johnson, Jackson, Portis, Michael Turner, Chris Perry, and Jerious Norwood but the only WRs I have are Fitzgerald and Boldin. With Boldin’s situation I am obviously in desperate need of a quality WR. I’m am trying to pick up Roddy White or at least Lance Moore off the waiver list. I have been offered Ocho Cinco or Roy Williams for Chris Perry. Those don’t seem like very good deals but maybe I’m wrong?

Some teams that have multiple quality WRs that I could possibly trade for.
Team 1 – Santana Moss, Calvin Johnson, Lee Evans, Hines Ward, and Isaac Bruce
Team 2 – Greg Jennings, Brandon Marshall, Plaxico Burress, and Eddie Royal

Any suggestions on would be greatly appreciated. Which RB should I trade? Any trade suggestions or should I just stick with my RBs. Thanks very much in advance sorry this question is so long.

Brandon’s take: Hey James, thanks for the props! After being neglected the first three weeks of the season, I have a feeling that Roy Williams will see a lot more looks following the bye week, so a trade for Chris Perry straight up doesn’t seem all that crazy (Ocho Cinco scares me too much though.) However, with all those running backs, I think your best move would be to go for an even better receiver. What kind of running backs does the team with Jennings, Marshall and Burress have? If he needs help there, you might want to flip one of your running backs, possibly Johnson or Turner, straight up for a top tier receiver. If you ended up with a starting roster of something like this, RB Steven Jackson, RB Clinton Portis, WR Larry Fitzgerald, WR Greg Jennings, RB/WR Chris Johnson (or Boldin when he’s back), it’d be hard to argue with your team not being the top in the league.

Basically though, I feel you’re wasting all that running back talent by keeping them all on the bench when you could be updgrading at other positions. Who’s your quarterback or defense? Could you get someone like Cutler or the Titans defense (obviously they’d have to throw in another pawn in the trade)? Hopefully this give some ideas that can help your team become the unquestionable number one in the league.

Matt’s take: Someone offered you Roy Williams for Chris Perry? Accept that trade, and do it quick before they reconsider.