Ask the Geeks – Week 8

Atg ButtonHere are our responses to the first couple of questions for the week. Remember, you can always ask us questions by clicking the Ask the Geeks logo on the left sidebar (or this link).

Alan asks: Receiving Steve Slaton and Anquan Boldin for Bernard Berrian and Ryan Grant. Yay or nay, fantasy geeks.

Brandon’s take: Alan, at first glance, it appears you would be getting the better of this trade. In terms of fantasy point average per game, right now Steve Slaton (11*) and Anquan Boldin (16.6) are a good deal ahead of Ryan Grant (7.5) and Bernard Berrian (11.6). However, looking at their schedules for the remainder of the season, Grant and Berrian actually have the easier path to the playoffs. Their schedules, coupled with A) the fear that Steve Slaton could hit the infamous “rookie wall”, B) the question of how effective Boldin will be when coming back from his pretty serious injury a couple weeks ago, and C) the fact that Cardinals wide receiver Steve Breaston has played well in relief of Boldin, leads me to recommend you do NOT make the trade. Last season Ryan Grant came on strong towards the middle of the season and I expect the same to happen this year. I also think the Frerotte-to-Berrian connection in Minnesota should hold up for the rest of the season and pay you solid dividends. Good luck…hopefully this helps!

*Points are approximations from one of the leagues that Matt and I are in.

Ali asks: tough call here … i need a bye week kicker and it’s for a crucial game, I need to win. Prater got me 1 pt last week, so what do you suggest Scobee, Gostkowski, Feely, Graham, Bryant, there are plenty more but these are the top ranked ones for week 8 according to yahoo.

Brandon’s take: Ali, I can sympathize with you over Prater. Although I’m a Patriots fan, that game was a fluke and it cost me some serious points in my leagues between Cutler, Marshall and Prater. Anyways, when choosing a kicker for the week, I generally go with one who plays for a team that isn’t good enough to always punch it into the endzone, but who is playing against a team that should give them plenty of chances. I like Rian Lindell vs Miami and David Akers vs Atlanta (guys that are free agents in my league) ahead of the guys you have listed, but if they’re not available, I’d go with the following in order: Gostkowski, Feely, Scobee, Bryant, and Graham.

Nick asks: I am in quite a predicament. No thanks to that MORON Kellen Winslow.  I have to keep another TE each week with his injuries/illness and stupid suspension. I have managed to reap the benefits of the waiver wire each week and am tied in first in my league. These are the RB that I have. I need to drop 2 of them to make room for a kicker and a TE. Now one of them I have no problem getting rid of, it is the 2nd one that is giving me trouble.

Maurice Jones-Drew – mighty mouse is staying
Steve Slaton – money maker
Jonathan Stewart – hit or miss, but still love the schedule for rest of the year
Sammy Morris – after last week I love him to take over in NE
Correll Buckhalter – has amazing value is Westbrook goes down again
Dominic Rhodes – I have no problem dropping him since the next 3 opponents are TEN, NE, and PIT.
Deuce McAllister – would suck to lose because Bush is out 2-4 weeks and they have SD, then a bye week and come back to face ATL and KC.

My real problem is after Rhodes who would I drop….

Buckhalter and hope I can pick him up again the next day. Or McAllister and just run with what I have left and possibly get him the next day.  I hate this decision.

Brandon’s take: Hey Nick, depending on your league rules, you could always go with not starting a kicker or tight end for the week (no different than having a crappy one off free agency that gets you 0 points!) and keeping all your running backs, but let’s assume you have to drop two and go from there. As you say above, you definitely want to keep MJD, Slaton and Stewart for sure. So it’s really between Morris, Buckhalter, Rhodes or McAllister. Three of those guys are backups that have had some recent success due to injuries to the starter, so my first instinct would be to see if it was possible to pawn them off to the Westbrook (he’s GOTTA want Buckhalter right?!), Addai or Bush owners in hopes of getting some value out of them instead of dropping them outright. If that can’t be done, and you HAVE to drop two of them to waivers, I’d go with Dominic Rhodes and Sammy Morris (forget last week…how often do Patriots running backs have good games? Once LaMont Jordan comes back, they’ll again have 4+ running backs sharing the load.) Ideally, you would want to trade some of your running back depth for upgrades to your roster. How about packaging two of the running backs for one of higher quality? This helps your team by getting you a better player, while at the same time limiting the amount of questions like this that you encounter! Anyways, hopefully this was helpful and your decision pays off for you.