Sell High, Buy Low: Trade ideas for Week 5 2008

SellbuyLast week I advised you to sell high on Reggie Bush, Chris Chambers and Ronnie Brown while you still could. The jury’s out on Ronnie Brown since he was on a bye, but I’m going to pull an “I told you so” on Bush (38 total yards, 0 TD, and Deuce is back in action) and Chambers (2 catches, 45 yards, 0 TD).

I suggested that you buy low on Ocho Cinco; little did I suspect that Carson Palmer’s injury would turn out to be worse than everyone thought. As long as Palmer’s OK (looks like he is), I still think the OC will be putting up AOK numbers very soon, and could return to elite status by the second half. I advised trading for Ryan Grant, who had another rough game, but I still think he’ll be fine. And Brandon Jacobs had a bye week.

Here are the players I recommend wheeling and dealing this week:

Sell High

Kurt Warner – When does a 472-yard, two-touchdown game spark a debate among fans and commentators over whether you should be benched? When you also throw three interceptions and fumble the ball four times. Warner is the sixth-best QB in the league from a purely statistical perspective, but his shaky play against the Jets has to have the coaches wondering whether they made the right call in benching Leinart. Any trade you offer will look impressive – Warner’s gleaming fantasy numbers are sure to make any owner at least think about it, especially if they’re desperate for QB help. But I’ve got my doubts as to whether Warner will be keeping his job for much longer, so I’d unload him while you still can. The key here is finding an owner who needs a QB so badly that he or she is willing to take the risk that Warner gets benched.

Earnest Graham – Aside from three long runs (a 46-yarder in week 1, a 68 in week 2, and a 47 in week 4), Graham has struggled to run effectively so far this season. The long runs have given him respectable yardage totals in three games, but look what happens when he doesn’t break free – Chicago bottled him up to the tune of 16 yards on 12 carries. Since he’s splitting carries evenly with Warrick Dunn, he’s basically dependent upon big plays in order to put up respectable yardage totals. How many more of those do you think the 28-year-old has left in him this season?

Buy Low

Calvin Johnson – Uh, what’s a guy with two 100-yard games doing in the Buy Low section? Truth is, I like Calvin Johnson to wind up as the #1 overall receiver this year, and this may be your last chance to get him before he reminds everybody of just how dominant he is. He had a subpar, 40-yard game in week 3 and then a bye last week, so the buzz from his first two big games has subsided, but it’ll come roaring back if (when) he does it again this week against the Bears. Buy now or fear him later.

Peyton Manning – Looking for immediate return on an investment? Trade for Manning this week and then try not to gloat too much when he immediately lights up the stat-tracker against Houston. Manning has consistently owned the Texans throughout his career, and he’s smelling blood right now. His schedule after this game is pretty tough, but it’s golden at the end, just in time for the fantasy playoffs, with games against Cincy, Cleveland, and Detroit.

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