Sell High, Buy Low: Trade ideas for Week 7 2008


Last week, I advised you to sell high on:

  • LaDainian Tomlinson – After LT said last week about his injured toe that “you can’t get it better in one week,” I was feeling pretty down on him and advised trading him away. Now he’s saying that it feels “better” – not 100%, but better. It’s impossible to know how he really feels, but if his 3.7 YPC against the Pats is any indication, his days as the top fantasy RB are long gone, at least for the foreseeable future. Trade him.
  • Brandon Jacobs – 67 yards in week 6, and the schedule gets much tougher from here.
  • DeAngelo Williams – 27 rush yards. Told you week 5 was a fluke. I was able to offload him in a trade that brought me Calvin Johnson last week. 
  • Steve Slaton – I was worried that the return of Ahman Green would hurt his production, and I was right (just 15 carries, 58 yards).

Without further ado, here are some ideas your weekend wheelin’ and dealin’…

Sell High

Maurice Jones-Drew, RB – He’s been the RB equivalent of last year’s Lee Evans, occasionally having a good game but usually contributing very little. His numbers in week 6 were inflated by a minor injury to Fred Taylor that knocked him out of the game for the first half. Taylor’s fine, though, and MJD’s likely to return to his maddening ways. If you don’t mind high-risk, high-reward players, he’s an OK RB2. I hate owning these kinds of guys and would deal him now, after what was probably the best game he’ll have all season.

MJD’s the only decent sell-high option I see this week. Surely I’m overlooking someone – thoughts, anyone? Who else is overvalued right now? 

Buy Low

Brandon Marshall, WR – Marshall is, in my opinion, far and away the best WR in fantasy football right now. For the past three games, though, he hasn’t put up elite numbers. That won’t last – he’s got a very light schedule the rest of the way, and he’s by far the most-targeted receiver in the NFL. If you can get someone to trade him straight up for any other receiver in the league, act now and don’t delay – he won’t last long at this price.

Adrian Peterson, RB – Keep an eye on him after this week’s Chicago matchup. If he puts up anything less than 100 yards and a score, he’s officially a bargain. Chicago’s run defense is back to its dominant ways, so it’ll be understandable if he’s only able to manage a decent stat line. If he struggles, he’ll appear to be in a funk of sorts, with subpar games in four of his past five games. Don’t believe it – he’s showed plenty of signs that he’s still the dominant AP of 2007. 

Terrell Owens, WR – The Romo injury, the arrival of Roy Williams, zero 100-yard games – there are plenty of reasons for the Owens owner in your league to be worried. While Romo’s broken pinky is cause for concern, the arrival of Williams should actually help TO, since Crayton was never enough of a threat to draw defenses away from him. There’s no reason Williams, Owens and Witten can’t all be top-notch fantasy options in this offense – as long as Romo can throw.