Sell High, Buy Low: Trade ideas for Week 8 2008

 SellbuyIf your team needs some help and you’re looking to make a trade to bolster a position, here’s a list of players to look for and work into those deals this week. Players listed under Sell High are overvalued – meaning that I think they’re performing at a level they won’t be able to maintain throughout the season, and thus are ripe to be traded away while their value is still high. Those listed under Buy Low are the ones to look for on other peoples’ teams – hopefully their owners are discouraged by their poor performance thus far, and will trade them away for a song.

Sell High

LenDale White, RB, TEN – This one has the combination of highly recognizable name and big, out-of-character performance against a bad defense. There’s someone in your league who remembers White from his USC days, looks at his monster week 7 performance, and just can’t help him/herself. Find that person and trade White away this week, before he reverts to his old self (he was averaging well under three yards per carry before the KC game). I won’t argue with you if you want to hold onto him for one more week and gamble that he’ll have another nice game against the Colts. Two straight big games would increase his trade value significantly. That said, he didn’t do much against Cincy in week 2, so another big game is far from a given.

Clinton Portis, RB, WAS – Two things worry me about Portis. First, the guy’s taking a beating this season, with more carries than any other RB, and he doesn’t hesistate to sacrifice his body for blocks. Admirable, but worrisome if he’s on your fantasy team. Second, the schedule gets ugly after the Detroit matchup this week. Pittsburgh in week 9, Dallas in week 11, Giants in week 13, Baltimore in week 14, Philly in week 16. Ouch. 

Vincent Jackson, WR, SD – When Chris Chambers returns, party’s over. Simple as that.

Buy Low

Lee Evans, WR, BUF – Accuse me of Bills-fan bias all you want, but Evans is the most underappreciated receiver in the NFL. His silly ball-to-helmet catch got some nice attention last week, but as any Bills fan will attest, the guy has made a career of catching passes that have no business being caught. With Trent Edwards taking bigger strides than any other young QB this season (with all due respect to Matt Ryan and Kyle Orton), and a schedule from this point forward that includes plenty of mediocre defenses (Jets twice, Fins twice, Browns, Chiefs, Niners, Denver… *giggle*), Evans could turn a lot of heads in the second half of the season.

Jason Campbell, QB, WAS – The touchdowns and fantasy points are way down from the first four games, but he hasn’t thrown an interception yet all season and has been pretty efficient. He isn’t a game-changing guy to own, but he’s better than the numbers have made him look lately, and he’d make a reliable weekly starter if you need one.