Studs and Duds – Week 5: Don't pass on the Lions

Well after a good set of predictions for week two, maybe I should have taken another week off before putting up my next Studs/Duds post. In week four I ended up with only a 9-6-7 (correct-incorrect-push) record as the non-existent Jacksonville rushing attack and Selvin Young did their best to sabotage me. David Garrard’s solid day didn’t help either, but luckily a huge day from Greg Jennings and a good game from Earnest Graham helped me stay above water. As always, I’m hoping to do much better this week, so here you go with your “studs” and “duds” for week five:


  • Jon Kitna, QB, DET: Coming into this season, I had big hopes for Jon Kitna and his dynamic receiving duo, Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson. However, the first few games didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Luckily the team had a bye week to think about their game play and I expect to see them come out in a big way at home against a Chicago Bears defense that is allowing nearly 250 passing yards a game. A touchdown to each of his favorite targets and 275 yards doesn’t seem out of reach.
  • Roy Williams / Calvin Johnson, WR, DET: See above.
  • Chad Pennington, QB, MIA: Before I talk up Pennington too much, let me make it clear that I only recommend starting him if your normal starter is on a bye week or is Carson Palmer, Aaron Rodgers, etc. Anyways, the Dolphins play the NFL’s worst pass defense in the San Diego Chargers this weekend, a defense that is allowing 276 passing yards a game and one that has allowed nine touchdowns so far through just four games. I imagine Pennington can get over 200 yards and a few touchdowns.
  • Brian Griese, QB, TB: While the Broncos offense has been on fire so far this season, they must have forgot to work on the defense in the offseason. Denver is tied with the Chargers for the most yards allowed per game and next on the agenda is Brian Griese and his 60+ passing attempts arm. While I imagine he’ll be on the lower side of the 276 yards per game average, he still should put up decent enough stats to help your squad.
  • Matt Forte, RB, CHI: While I think the Lions passing game will come out swinging this week, I can’t say the same for their defense. Before the bye week, Detroit was giving up 207 rushing yards per game, allowing 5.6 yards per carry and had surrendered six rushing touchdowns. Sounds like a team I want my running back going against!
  • Michael Turner, RB, ATL: Michael Turner seems to have no problem tearing up weak defenses, it’s the good defenses that he has trouble with. Lucky for him, he goes against a Packers defense this weekend that is allowing nearly 160 yards per game. I’m guessing that this will be one of his big weeks.
  • Adrian Peterson, RB, MIN: The Saints are allowing over five yards a carry to opposing running backs and this week one of the best will be paying them a visit when Peterson comes to town. Not that you would sit him anyways, but make sure he’s in your starting lineup for sure.
  • Others: Philip Rivers (@MIA), Chris Chambers (@MIA), Earnest Graham (@DEN)


  • Kerry Collins, QB, TEN: While I imagine he’s not on many fantasy rosters anyways, in case you were scanning the free agent list and saw Collins name and needed a backup, think again. When the Ravens play the Titans this weekend, expect one of the lower scoring contests of the season as arguably the top two defenses battle. Collins will get abused as he faces a defense that is allowing just over 115 yards per game through the air and has only given up two touchdowns in three games.
  • Matt Schaub, QB, HOU: Schaub proved some of his haters wrong last week by throwing for three touchdowns, but this week could be a different story. The Colts have allowed just 141 passing yards a game and haven’t allowed a quarterback to find the endzone this year. While Schaub might find the endzone, don’t expect a whole lot in terms of yards and a few turnovers might negate his touchdown anyways.
  • Andre Johnson, WR, HOU: After the way he played last year when he wasn’t hurt and also in week one of this season, I bet all of you who drafted Johnson as your top receiver in the draft were pretty excited huh? Well, an unplanned bye week and a couple bad games later and I bet you’re wondering what the heck happened to him. While I expect we’ll see Johnson make a return to fantasy football relevance soon (he’s got MIA, DET, CIN coming up after this weekend), don’t expect it to happen this Sunday when the Colts double cover him all day long.
  • Clinton Portis, RB, WAS: Portis goes up against the top rush defense in the NFL this weekend as Washington goes to Philly to take on the Eagles. If 54 yards on a spectacular 2.6 yards per carry average, plus 0.25 touchdowns sounds like nice fantasy stats for you, then by all means keep Clinton in your lineup, otherwise you might consider a different option if you have one (although I realize it’s nearly impossible to bench your number one draft pick!)
  • LenDale White, RB, TEN: The Ravens run defense is similar to a brick wall…and one that White and his twinkie-eating butt backside have a hard time running through. While I expect that backfield pal Chris Johnson will be used in the passing game to prop up his stats, White could get the short end of the stick against a Baltimore defense allowing just 70 yards per game, who hasn’t allowed a rushing touchdown through three games so far this year.
  • Deuce McAllister, RB, NO: After a big game this past weekend, I’m sure McAllister will make it on to many a fantasy roster across the land. However, you might reconsider plugging him into your lineup this weekend against the Vikings. Minnesota is allowing just 2.9 yards per carry on the ground and after a few failed attempts with Deuce, I see the Saints attacking through the air…a place where another running back by the name of Reggie Bush shines.
  • Others: Matt Hasselbeck (@NYG), Maurice Jones-Drew (vs PIT), Fred Taylor (vs PIT)

Last Week (Week 4): 9-6-7

Total: 37-17-16

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