Sell High, Buy Low: Trade ideas for Week 11, 2008 

The trade deadline approacheth! In many leagues, there are just a couple days left, so if you don’t know when yours is, check your league’s settings ASAP. The default deadline in Yahoo leagues is this Friday; in ESPN leagues it’s next Wednesday.

This is your last opportunity to sell high on your overvalued players and buy low on your leaguemates’ undervalued players – let’s get to figuring out who those guys are!

Sell High

Maurice Jones-Drew – This season, MJD has been only been consistent in one way – he has great games against bad defenses (Indy, Denver, Detroit) and horrible games against good ones (Tennessee, Pittsburgh). He hasn’t shown any signs of being able to rise to the occasion against top-tier defenses this season. His schedule for the next four weeks: Tennessee, Minnesota, Houston, Chicago. Gulp. Houston would stand out as the lone opportunity for a big game in there, except for one little detail: Against the Texans in week 4, he contributed a whopping 49 total yards. In a high-scoring, 30-27 game.

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