Desperation is a Stinky Cologne: Deep Sleepers for Week 14 

Sneak into the playoffs and praying for an first-round upset? Dominant all season but now scrambling to fill in for an injured player so you don’t get humiliated by some bottom-seeded punk? These players are available in over 50% of ESPN and Yahoo leagues (on average) and might just be able to keep you in the hunt for one more week.


Shaun Hill, SF – Shaun Hill rolls into this nice matchup with the Jets’ 29th-ranked pass defense with a bit of a head of steam – a 94.6 passer rating and an 8-3 TD-INT ratio. I don’t blame you if you’re reluctant to trust such an inexperienced QB in a late-season fantasy matchup, but if you’re reading this post, odds are you don’t have a better option. There’s plenty of upside here to go with a heaping helping of risk. I think he’s worth the gamble, but hey, feel free to start someone else, you big wuss. (More …)