2008 Fantasy Football Playoffs MVPs

This season has been one of my best years ever in terms of fantasy football, as I made the championship in three seperate leagues, while playing in the third place game in two others. For that reason, I figured it made sense to create an All Fantasy Football Playoffs MVP team, highlighting the players that either caused me joy or pain over the past few weeks. Interestingly enough, only one of these players even made the Pro Bowl (Wes Welker…as a reserve). Anyways, let’s jump into the MVP awards for the 2008 playoffs…


Philip Rivers, SD: Rivers was the top quarterback in the league nearly the entire season, so it’s fitting that he would continue his fantasy football dominance of the position through the playoffs. This past Sunday, when some of you may have been playing in the Championship game of your league, Rivers threw for nearly 290 yards and four touchdowns, probably carrying more than one team out there to a league title. Let’s also mention that he’s thrown a combined nine touchdowns over the past three weeks, while averaging around 280 passing yards or so.

Honorable Mention: Matt Cassel, NE

Running Back

DeAngelo Williams, CAR: Just like Philip Rivers, Williams proved that he was a definite Pro Bowl snub when he ran for four touchdowns and 108 yards on Sunday. Over the past four weekends, DeAngelo has racked up a spectacular 11 touchdowns, while averaging over 110 yards or so. If you happened to have Rivers AND Williams, I’m pretty sure it was nearly impossible for you to lose your game.

Pierre Thomas, NO: While no other running back can really compare to the production of DeAngelo Williams during the fantasy football playoffs, the second best guy during that time was a most likely a free agent pick-up after week 11. The PT Cruiser averaged less than 90 yards a game rushing, but he added a touchdown on the ground in each of the past three games and also added an additional 92 yards and two touchdowns receiving over that same span.

Honorable Mention: Michael Turner, ATL

Wide Receiver

Antonio Bryant, TB: Bryant was not the most consistent player throughout the regular season, but when it came time for the playoffs, he was ready to reward all the team managers that took a chance on him. In the last three games, Bryant racked up an unbelievable 435 yards and four touchdowns. In week 14, I’m sure Antonio Bryant single-handedly won a playoff game for more than one team manager out there, when he went for 200 yards and two touchdowns.

Vincent Jackson, SD: Similar to DeAngelo Williams, the difference between the top receiver during the playoffs (Antonio Bryant) and the second best player was pretty dramatic, but I have to give the award to Vincent Jackson. Over the course of most of the year, Jackson put up decent stats, but he definitely stepped it up a notch for the playoffs. During the three games of your fantasy playoffs, he had 18 receptions for 348 yards and two touchdowns…not too shabby!

Wes Welker, NE: The third receiver was one who was very consistent at a time when that’s exactly what your team was looking for. During the three weeks your team was most likely in the playoffs, Welker caught 25 passes (great if you’re in a PPR league) for over 270 yards and two touchdowns.

Honorable Mention: Steve Smith, CAR

Tight End

Dallas Clark, IND: Forget Antonio Gates or Jason Witten. Was there a tight end out there that made more team managers happy (or pissed off!) during the league playoffs than Dallas Clark? Over the past three weeks, Clark racked up three of his six touchdowns on the season (one per week), while also catching 24 passes for 276 yards (better stats than most receivers during that stretch!)

Honorable Mention: Tony Gonzalez, KC