Playoff leagues: Keeping the fantasy football season alive to the bitter end 

I’ve never paid much attention to playoff fantasy leagues. They’re missing just about everything I love about fantasy football – trades, waivers, a three-hour draft that largely determines the team you have to live with for an entire season, and so on. I tried out’s playoff challenge a couple of years back, forgot about my team after the first week, and that was pretty much that.

This year, I’m giving it another shot. The prizes up for grabs on a few websites are pretty enticing, which hopefully will keep me interested enough to remember to set my lineups each week. I’m only going to invest my time in the leagues with the best prizes, which means that SportingNews Playoff Fantasy Football, with a decidedly unexciting top prize of $500, is out. After scoping out the schwag being offered up around the Web, I wound up signing up for teams in three leagues: (More …)