ESPN alerts straight to your mobile phone

Earlier this year, Matt blogged about the different services that companies offered for your mobile phone regarding fantasy football. However, there’s an additional service that he did not mention, which is ESPN’s alert service to provide “breaking news” on fantasy football, as well as all other sports, straight to your phone via text message. Up until now, I didn’t think that I needed additional updates on my cell phone, but today I decided that I’d give it a shot (during the Championship week…go figure!) and see what all the fuss was about. I signed up for the fantasy football alerts, as well as an update on all score changes during Patriots games (let’s hope for lots of spam this Sunday against the Cardinals!) this morning and so far this is what I’ve received today:

  • “Bills QB Trent Edwards practiced Wed; likely to play Sun. after missing 2 games (groin injury)”
  • “Colts RB Joseph Addai (shoulder) and WR Marvin Harrison (hamstring) questionable Thursday vs. Jags”
  • “Giants RB Brandon Jacobs practiced Wed. and likely to play Sun. after missing 1 game (knee injury)”

I’m going to give it till the end of the season and see if A) it really annoys me or B) I actually find it to be useful, so I know whether to sign up for the entire season next year. I’ll try to post a comment regarding my more educated opinion after a few weeks, so check back to see what I thought. One thing I know right away though is that you should only get this service if you have unlimited text messaging on your cell phone plan…as I’m sure the messages will rack up over the course of an entire NFL season!